The one that hurt to write.

Thank you everybody for your kind words of sympathy and support. I haven't been able to write to you individually for the past couple of days due to travelling home, exhaustion and jet lag. Please don't be offended, please keep sending comments and I promise I'll be back on it in a couple of days.

For those of you that don't know, we were rolling into Baltimore when Jona and I received the dreadful news that our darling dog Oscar had died. She was an English Bull Terrier and we'd been together for thirteen years, which is pretty good going considering the average life span is nine to eleven years - and she'd had a heart murmer all her life. She was staying with our friends Nicky, Gordon and Alice, whom she loved being with. when she went.

The strange thing is that before we went on tour, Nicky, Gordon and Alice came over, I talked to them about what to do in the unlikely event if Oscar died as she wasn't getting any younger and had been having fainting episodes when she got too excited. What happened was that Oscar had been sticking close to Nicky and having her usual wonderful time, Nicky came in from work, Oscar greeted her, wagging her tail and really pleased to see her, then swayed on her feet. Nicky and Gordon laid her on the floor, stroking her, and she simply went to sleep for good with friends she adored around her. Poor Nicky and Gordon then had to carry out my wishes which were to have her cremated and get rid of all her stuff. I think Jona has kept a couple of things, but I didn't want to as I'd find it too painful. It's hard enough being here at home seeing the chair she always sat on, etc.

We're alright, Jona and me, we're over the worst, the occasional sniffle of course, even now as I'm writing this my eyes are swimming but it'll go. Your kind comments helped us a lot. Thankyou again my dear friends.

On a more positive note, I've already been looking online at Bull Terrier breeders - yep, we're going to get another one. I want to call it Nancy, Jonas not too sure, and then I thought maybe some of you might have some ideas for a name. Feel free to make suggestions.

We're working hard on getting the photographs of the last gigs up on the site, sorry again about the delay but we will get there, and as I say, I'll be back on it in a couple of days. Thanks for your love and patience, Jona and Steve.


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The band meet my lifeboat crew

A few weeks ago we had a social gathering of the band and everyone else involved to sort out all the ins and outs but mainly to finalise what songs we’re going to do. By the way, thanks to all those who sent in ideas for the set- you weren’t far off!
After a night of serious discussion (with a few drinks thrown in too) we came up with the final decision, and rehearsals are starting now. I think we’ve managed to please everyone, at least we hope so.

The next morning we went down to the lifeboat station to take some photos, we got the band suited up and on the boat – unfortunately we couldn’t launch as the sea was too rough (like some people’s heads). We did however manage to get a couple of the band into the surf and experience the power of the North Sea; it wasn’t until we were actually in there that Gizz and Spike realised the waves were over our heads, and you’ll notice on one of the pictures a lifeline tied to one of us. At one point Spike was swept over and we had to get him on his feet as quickly as possible; when the waves are coming in like they did that day it’s like a brick wall hitting you and you’ll get out of breath really fast just trying to get to your feet, so you’ll notice the concern on my face (No.9) as we’re getting him up.

I was really chuffed that the band were up for it and that they could meet the crew of Sea Palling Independent Lifeboat. Everyone got on and we all had a right laugh.

Bloody brilliant day.

Now down to business – prep work on The Last Supper has started.

See you later,