Sydney 11th June 2011 at Salmagundi Studios

After a day of traveling we arrived in Sydney and went straight to the venue for load in and sound check. Anthony and his friends worked for days to get everything ready on time. A great banner was hanging from the ceiling and oil drums standing ready  to be used that night to keep us warm.

Before the gig I went to Mu-Meson Archives where Jay Katz and Miss Death showed the film 'There's No Authority But Yourself', afterwards there was time for a chat and some questions. I was sorry to leave but I still had to play that night.

Loads of people came, the support bands gave it their all and there was a great atmosphere. We really enjoyed it. A special thanks to Anthony and all the people involved.

That oil drum looks great.

Look at that banner and it was still hanging at the end of the night. Unlike the one in the UK.

At Mu-Mesan Archives.


I couldn't do it without this great band!

Hello Sydney.

Lovely to meet you all, especially Ollie.

Everyone is having a good time.

Baltimore 7th May 2011, Sonar

After the initial cancellation of the Baltimore show it went ahead with the help and support from a lot of people. Before we arrived we stopped off at Dischord to dump off some merch. A big thank you to Ian McKaye and Michael  for helping us out there. It was really good to see Ian again and to have some time to catch up.

It was a night to remember, see also my blog 'The one that hurt to write'. Thank you for turning up and supporting us. Thanks for the gifts, beers and crisps.

Sorting out our merch

Ian and me mucking about

Oi, oi

A fantastic crowd

Baltimore at its best

A night to remember.

Atlanta 6th May, Masquerade

Masquerade is a huge old building that used to be an old mill and as far as I could see has 3 spaces to perform in. The staff  there were really helpful and Greg was a diamond. We had a fantastic meal, everyone loved it especially the homemade cornbread.

After loading in and sound check I had a Q&A at another great independent record store.  Yes, they are still out there and worth a visit. Chad Radford (Creative Loafing) did a brilliant job at curating. He also got me some cigarettes as I forgot my ID so they wouldn't sell me any.

There was a great atmosphere at the gig and I had time to meet and talk to lots of people. Also a big hug to some special people out there.

We are all getting tired but we don't want it to end, because this is not just any tour, it is something really special and emotional. There is such an energy and positivity, it is hard to describe. I am sure anyone who has been to one of The Last Supper gigs will agree.

Part of the old mill

Criminal Records

Carol's own design

Fight War, Not Wars

Fantastic night

Great people

Atlanta's crowd

Gainesville 5th May 2011, Common Grounds

After a night of driving, a day off and another day of driving we arrived at Gainesville. A great venue with friendly people. There was a take away pizza place just round the corner and the pizzas were brilliant.

Lots of people had travelled to see the gig and we all had a great time. Carol got close up with some wildlife and Jona and Allison got very dirty sorting out the trailer. We even had a guest singer, Melissa, to sing Big A Little a.

I know many bands just play the east and west coast but I am glad we decided to get all the way round the USA and meet all you lot.  The photos speak for themselves.


Rehearsals in Norwich 15th May 2011

We're not even back a week or we are already rehearsing for the Australia & New Zealand Last Supper Tour. Unfortunately Bob, the bass player, can't come so Pete Wilson has now joined us. Bob and Pete have been working on the songs together even before we went to the USA and Pete was with us in Brooklyn.

First a photo shoot with the band, after that we rang Allison to wish her a very Happy Birthday. As you can see from the photo below we all try to outdo each other with our vocals. A great warming up technique. Finally we start, Pete is a formidable bass player and we just play song after song. We finish early, so time for a quick pint.

Thanks everyone, especially Bob and Pete for working so hard. I will put on the photos of the last four gigs in the USA as soon as possible.




Austin 3rd May 2011, Emo’s

After driving through the night we arrived at Austin in the morning. The venue was still closed, the band asleep and Allison at work on her laptop. Jona and I found a great little place on the corner and enjoyed a quiet breakfast.

Once Emo's opened it was all hands on deck. A great venue, which opened up into a courtyard and outside space. Lucky for them they don't have our English weather.

After the soundcheck  we were picked up by Dan, the owner of the End Of An Ear record shop, for a Q & A session with Oliver Sheppard. Another great independent record shop, really enjoyed talking and having a laugh with Oliver and everyone that turned up.

Back at the venue I just had time to listen to the local support band and Goldblade before we were on. I know I keep saying this but it was another great night and everyone that was there can vouch for that.

Thank you Austin, Chris and Timmy for looking after us, Dan and Oliver for the Q&A and everyone else that made this happen.


Scottsdale 1st May 2011, Chaser’s Nightclub

After the gigs in Pomona we drove through the night to Scottsdale. Totally missed the desert experience as it was pitch black. Goldblade, who were driving during the day, told us that it was quite impressive.

We arrived at the venue early in the morning, so there was time for Matt, our driver, to show me the rules of Nine - ball - pool. Took a bit of getting used to but we came out even in the end.

The venue was called Chasers and was a dark little bar in the middle of nowhere. But yet again, loads turned up and another night of mayhem ensued.  A big thank you to all the people involved and all the people that came to see us.


Pomona 30th April 2011, Glasshouse

We go back to black.

Our second show in Pomona was in Glasshouse. Totally different but just as good. People went out of their way to help us. So a big thank you to all involved.





Pomona – 29 April – Fox Theatre

Two really great nights in Pomona, the first was at a massive place called Fox Theatre which held about 2000 people - gulp! - still we got on stage and did the set to a fantastic reception.  The Fox is an amazing old art deco movie palace which was built in 1931 and has recently been renovated.

We were joined at the Fox Theatre by a truly amazing band called Aztlan Underground. When I met them it was a truly moving moment for all concerned. Thanks brothers.

Again thanks to everyone for turning up.


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Chicago – Bottom Lounge – 23 April

Finally getting around to posting these photos.

Then we got to Chicago where we got a taste of Illinois hospitality. A great sound and another great bunch of people. I got a sore throat from talking to everyone but it was so wonderful to be able to hang out and have some beers with people. We even got interviewed by a puppet rat called 'Ratzo'. Don't ask. I dare say you'll find it on a cable t.v. thing called Chic - a -go - go. Only in America. And again, another brilliant night, special thanks to Vito and to Frank and his crew. Thanks Chicago.


Special thanks to Vito for looking after us.



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