Photo from The Last Supper in Birmingham

Gizz, Steve, Beki, Spike, Bob. Click to enlarge.

Live radio interview tonight

I'm being interviewed by Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions tonight, live on, you can tune in on the internet I'm told (just don't ask me how to do it). Show runs from 10.30 and 11.30 tonight. Listen in if you've got the time.

Meanwhile, for no good reason at all, here's a photo of me and Beki in Peterborough, waiting in the car before the final rehearsals we did there.



Flyer for The Last Supper UK gigs

UK tour flyer

Here's the front of the flyer for our UK shows.  The photo was taken by my mate Mark Pickstone, in the dressing room of The Man in the Moon Theatre in the Kings Road, London in 1993 when I was performing in a play. I was the lead role in The Tooth of Crime by Sam Shepard which ran for four weeks. The gun was actually a starting pistol which was obviously used in the play.

We thought it made a good flyer, what do you reckon?

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