Radio interview from Near FM

Hello folks - Allison here, Steve's bit busy so he asked me to put up this interview that was done live on Near FM (Dublin) last night.  Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions interviews Steve, and plays a few tunes.


Steve Ignorant Near FM 2010-09-22 by Southern

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Live radio interview tonight

I'm being interviewed by Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions tonight, live on, you can tune in on the internet I'm told (just don't ask me how to do it). Show runs from 10.30 and 11.30 tonight. Listen in if you've got the time.

Meanwhile, for no good reason at all, here's a photo of me and Beki in Peterborough, waiting in the car before the final rehearsals we did there.



Just a few days to go

Just a few days to go before The Last Supper tour starts.  Here's an interview I did with Manchester's Under The Pavement radio show.  Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions, who we are playing with in Manchester and Dublin, is also interviewed.

And a new photo of the band.  The pose might remind you of something?

Edit: just been told off for not introducing the band... sorry I did that elsewhere but it's certainly worth doing again.

Gizz Butt on guitar, Beki Straughan on vocals, me, Bob Butler on bass and Spike T. Smith on drums.