Welcome to the Official Steve Ignorant Website

Steve Ignorant + special guests ( full band performance).
Cockney Rejects (30th anniversary), Angelic Upstarts (Mensi), Leatherface, UK Subs, Goldblade, Crashed Out, The Fiend, Gimp Fist, much more to follow.

12th September,Over 16's .Under 18's to be accompanied by an adult. Drink Promotions (3 bars in service), stalls, pass outs all day, smoking/food area. Doors 2p.m.-11p.m

Tickets available from www.gigbox.co.uk

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  1. Hi great gig, so whens the next one? cheers

  2. hey steve – long time no speak – lost your number and not been to see you since you were living in that cottage up in epping – email me to say hello and if you have forgotten who the hell this is – remember the ferry to brittany about 15 years ago !

  3. steve thank you for a very good nite it was awesome to see you back on stage hope you do it again soon all the best

  4. Hi Steve good to see your still rocking. I discovered your site by chance surfing on my son’s computer I’m glad I did lots of good memories came flooding back. I came to see you in the early eighties at the Edinburgh Playhouse best gig ever. We were a small group of young Montrose punks that thought we were the bollocks. In fact we tried to get you to play Montrose but the council stopped the gig. You have just made an old man happy.

    • Hi Gav,

      You sure it was the playhouse?
      They had the NiteClub above the playhouse…but I dont think Crass played there.(could be
      wrong tho)
      Think Crass played 3 x Astoria(10 min walk from the Playhouse), Lasswade and Dunfermline Pavillion.

      But no matter where it was it would have been a great gig.



      • Aye, they played the Nite Club for sure, I was there for the matinee show for the under 18s in the afternoon!

        • Awright Dean,

          What year was that. I used to live 10minutes
          From the nite club. Great place to go and see
          Bands and also have a pile up to new Rose which ended
          The disco

          Lookin forward to the liquid room gig.


      • Hi Dave
        Crass defo played the nite club,a few of us punks from broomhouse helped the band up the hill with their gear.great days!and after the lasswade gig we had to walk home as it was a sunday night and there was no buses!

  5. Hey Steve, do you ever read this page? or is it just eye candy?

  6. Hey brother, long time no chat! Hope all is great. ciao bello fratello

  7. hi steve, jona and oscar! :) nice to see the website updated! lots of love, kara xx.

  8. i took photos at durham. send me an email i will send ya some.


  9. Hi Steve

    Are you planning to bring the tour to Derby or Nottingham?

    Best wishes

  10. Hi,

    Is this the only way to communicate with Steve?

    It’s all good except i feel a bit funny leaving a comment which has nothing to do with his recent shows..

    Never mind, i’m sure he’ll come back out to Australia one day and I can meet him again and he can say he’s not who he is and we’ll go about our merry way and that’ll be that.. It’s a shame though, I only wanted to say thanks..

    Cheers, and it is great to see Steve’s still doing shows, even if i can’t make it to any of them.. (yet) =;)


  11. Hey iggy ! nice to see you are still punkin it up !
    who put the zen in schwarzenegger ?!? : )

  12. Ohh i cant wait for these UK gigs, i’ll b at three of em, total history for the last time. A band that made me the person i am 2 day.
    The Raven

  13. I just scanned the sites as I’m feeling a little strungout at the moment. I will get round to reading your bloggs when I’m in a bit less of a hurry. I’m overjoyed with you doing a manchester gig. I’ve got the date now which is what I was looking for.
    I caught site of a Schwarzenegger single at some stage, I never realised that you were a Mason Steve.

  14. Hi Steve

    Do you remember the gig in Perth city hall , brilliant gig (apart from the skins causing chaos) , I was only 15 at the time but you spoke to me and two of my mates. Great to see you doing some new gigs and if I can make it I look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh .

    Muirton 66

  15. What about Iran’s move into Atomic power then..?

  16. What about Iran’s move towards atomic power then..?

  17. What about Iran’s move towards POWER then..?

  18. A message for.. Colin, I would think. What about those annual Japanese dolphin cull’s?

  19. What’s the crass view of psychotropic medications and their side-effects and interactions?

  20. I cant wait for these gigs, im going to 3 of the UK ones and just cant put into words how much they mean to me. I brought first 12 inch 1979 and its me and partners best albom / 12 inch of all time! Also as ive been through a really bad time latley with my partner, lost my home, my 2 beloved children and her, ive been self harming myself and on anti depresnets, CRASS has helped me A LOT these last few months , even all this time on. I put Crass on and i feel at home,, at peace with peole who think like me. Thank you so much, this STILL means as much to me as it did back then and means as much to me as even my family, its my life.

  21. Do you know someone that goes under the name pikey? He’s close to Colin… if so, e-mail me yeah.

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  23. After seeing what you’ve done with the gig “The feeding of the 5000″, putting an entrance fee that was a real steal for what you do around me is not worth more practically ‘anything.
    A concert that would be a steal even if there were groups who came from afar, and then this would have been entitled to require a refund. But to make matters worse, from what we know, was not even benefit the proceeds!
    This has left me astonished (and this same principle applies to groups that have played), and sends you a person who loves Crass with his whole being, and that has spread for years (and still spreading) “your” work in many ways.
    Furthermore, in “The feeding of the 5000 gig” Unfortunately there were people I know, and I was told that you could not get off from the top to bottom, with the security that was breaking my balls.
    But still have to go wrong at that concert, because ultimately it is your fault in some way related, because it is who gives you a way to continue following that should stop doing that.
    They should let you and whoever plays with you from the empty front.
    Perhaps it is trite to say, but the punk with this shit has nothing to do.
    And here in Italy (but not only, fortunately) there are people who really serious work hard and do not speculate on anything.
    Here the “movement” is quite another thing.
    I close by saying that in my opinion, more than the money, especially the ego is what has fucked you (even the interview so that you do ‘often means something to that effect, as is, unfortunately, it also Penny Rimbaud, who even went on TV, but who appreciate other things)
    So, without a long introspection Steve.
    And with you who follows you frothing at the mouth.
    Whether wet panties or follow a symbol.
    Without any bitterness, but with just resentment and regret, Adri
    (Sorry for bad english)

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