Just a few days to go

Just a few days to go before The Last Supper tour starts.  Here's an interview I did with Manchester's Under The Pavement radio show.  Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions, who we are playing with in Manchester and Dublin, is also interviewed.

And a new photo of the band.  The pose might remind you of something?

Edit: just been told off for not introducing the band... sorry I did that elsewhere but it's certainly worth doing again.

Gizz Butt on guitar, Beki Straughan on vocals, me, Bob Butler on bass and Spike T. Smith on drums.



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  1. Very Nice photo. Would you introduce the band to the internet audience?

  2. Looking forward to the gig in Manchester after seeing the footage of the sheperds bush gig from a couple of years ago, also really fucking chuffed at the prospect of getting my CRASS collection back now that what looks like all their releases are available through Southern Records, all but 3 singles out my entire CRASS collection got stolen in 1990 so all this has made my day. Can’t fuckin wait. See you on the 1st of October

  3. great pic, great interview :) (A)

  4. R u selling any crass shirts , save me ordering one.

  5. Say hello to Bob for me… used to work alongside him at Southern Records… I remember his rehearsing the bass for a Steve Ignorant gig around 1999/2000!!

  6. Hi Steve,Thanks So Much For Playing A Gig In Dublin On “The Last Supper” Tour .Really Can’t wait !

    I got the very first ticket for the Dublin gig from the SYSTEM according to the record shop guy .Your Face Book Tour Dates page states the Dublin Gig will be at The Village from 18.00 – 21.00,whereas my ticket says it will be at The Button Factory starting at 19.30pm Sharp ?

    • See you there Keith. I’m glad you pointed that out (see reply below). It would have been funny if we ended up in the wrong place with no one there.

  7. Sorry,Just wondering which one is correct.Thanks !

    • Hi Keith….peter from paranoid visions here….venue was switched to the button factory because its a bit bigger, the security crew are more punk friendly thanks to the booker being a crass fan, they have the full multi media facility(incl cinema screen) so the visuals will be astounding! its was our first choice for the gig, but it was toooooo expensive until the new booker took over an severley discounted the placve as he really wanted us to put the gig on there!!!!!

      Have no doubt…this will be the gig of the decade

      after show party in sweeneys with gary mourtpiece on decks and glasgows’ fire exit playing a set (free adm for the button factory punters!)

  8. do you get a buzz when you reminisce?
    Gutted i’m going to miss this…

  9. hey peter p.v i’m comin to the manchester gig, are you gonna do the DEVO cover!? if i get crass yr good selves AND devo all in the same night i’ll be WELL HAPPY
    & no goldblade, even better: ) Andy T would of been the icing on the cake mind

    If after all the crass stuff is re released (i liked 10 notes don’t know if i’d need the upgrade tho!) & you go onto Bullshit Detectors & singles is there a possibility of stuff by other bands getting re released, especially, all the Hit Parade & D & V stuff, possibly, by any chance!?? or corpus christi stuff

  10. Thanks Steve, and everybody that’s ever contributed to CRASS. Been listening to CRASS, since I was a kid (too young to see you live) – so thanks for this opportunity, can’t wait to be on the train from York to Edinburgh! Your influence removed the blinkers many years ago, and for that, I am eternaly greatful. Just to hear you and Penny at Rebellion was inspiring…Thanks again, John

  11. Its a great thing you are taking these songs out for a tour steve,as said crass are cut out of punk history,however they still get more fans across the world daily and there couldnt be a more importent time for these songs to be sung again,with tories and liberals in power people have hardly ANY alternative to use there vote in future they really are all the same now. So thanx steve wish i could be there but i’m an old married man with kids and no job,and i hope my place will be filled by someone who never got the chance to see crass first time round,paul

  12. Just found the website mate,cant wait for the Edinburgh gig.i was fortunate enough to see CRASS a few times in “Auld Reekie” and beyond.Still got my poison girls live album recorded up here which i regularly blast out much to my kids and neighbours dismay. bring it on mate !

  13. See you in Edinburgh.

  14. I was 07 on the shepherds bush and now looking forward to the cologne/germany gig .The band looks very likeable.I am ready for singalong :D

    • Yes, they are great. They are not only great musicians / vocalists but also great fun to be with. We have worked very hard and are looking forward to come to Europe. See you there mate.

  15. No Problem Steve .Glad To Be Of Help { Regarding Question 6 + & 7 above – The Different Venues and Starting times on tickets for Dublin shows and on Face Book Tour dates Page.See You Then Mate….

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