Photo from The Last Supper in Birmingham

Gizz, Steve, Beki, Spike, Bob. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Top gig haven’t seen S.I. since 1984. In Nottingham… too bloody long. Even my Gfriend was impressed. She was only 8 then… Oooo that makes of feel old.
    I’m trying to find out if people are interested in celebrating the 40th anniversary of the stonehenge festival in 2012. I would like to find people who have performed there over the years, until 1984….! With the intention of approaching the relevant authorities. English heritage, national trust and the local council.
    If you have any ideas who I can approach to help me put this together it would be greatly appreciated.
    Kindest regards

    • wouldn’t mind doing another henge, was there in 84 to see poison girls amongst others, a truely unique experience that i have never equalled anywhere else, and to be honest probably never will…. slept in an old ford escort that some bloke opened up for me… only to find later it wasnt even his, the real owner didnt care either .. happy days

  2. Steve, Beki, Gizz, bob and Spike thank you for an excellent evening.
    To all those at the front who made the event even more fun in celabrating who we are, growing up with your songs, education and cultures still and will always have an impact on how we live our lives.

    Having to leave as bloody revolutions circles in our heads as we run through the streets to the station to get the last train back to Nottingham, just like old times but with a growing spirit that can not be bought.. London 2011 ?

    A&P B3

  3. went on friday to the bristol gig, enjoyed it far more than I expected and the O2 was a good venue for this type of gig.. nice and intimate…. the whole band looked like they enjoyed themselves and Becki’s rendition of berketex bribe was top notch….
    last time I saw crass was the old ambulance station in the old kent road circa 83/4 and the set was mainly “yes sir i will” so this was light entertainment in comparison….

    couple of questions
    1. where can I purchase your book, missed out on friday as didnt realise they were on sale there.

    2. you still haven’t announced final tour dates (london etc) do you plan to come to wales? think there would be plenty of support

    • Hello Nige, so glad you enjoyed it. Bristol was our first night and we loved it.
      1. You can now pre-order on for shipping on the 18th October or you can come to Amsterdam on the 15th October and pick one up.
      2. We don’t know yet when the London date is but it will definitely be in 2011.
      I’m sorry there are no plans for going to Wales but will let you know if that changes

  4. Bloody revolutions amazing…………………………………………………………………………Edinburgh

  5. thanx for playing manchester,great night to celebrate being 45,beki is an excellent singer,dont remember joy or eve moving about so much when they sang.
    hope you do keep doing gigs from time to time.if you ever play manchester again i’d reccomend Hulme zion community arts centre,holds more,slits played there a bit ago.
    didnt see your book on sale @ the manc gig,thanx for a top night out tho.

    • Hi Trunt, the book was at the large merch table at the back of the venue. Sorry you missed it, but happy to hear you had The Last Supper as part of your birthday celebration!

      About Beki moving around… Speaking for myself, I think if Beki didn’t do what came naturally to her, it would end up being more like a dramatic re-creation of a Crass gig rather than Steve Ignorant with a new band playing Crass songs, which I think was Steve’s intention. But of course you’re right, it is quite different to what Eve and Joy did–you also point out that she’s an excellent singer, which we all totally agree on!

    • A pleasure mate, we really enjoyed as well. Sorry you missed the merch. See my reply to Nige for details. Yes, I agree with you Beki is brilliant.

      • and thanx for mentioning the old hulme crescents,theres still a handfull of us refugees left amongst the new shiney was the factory you used to go to afterwards for late drinks that had the palm trees.

  6. Yep, have to agree with John, the Manchester gig was brilliant, and I got a book early on. Half way through it, and recommend it to everyone. I thanked Steve at the end of the show for a great night, would have had a better crack, but got booted out. Big THANK YOU to John Esplen top bloke. Nice to see some old faces, Andy T, Andy guitarist from the System (how about a reform) Hope these aren’t the last of the gig’s Steve. Thanx

  7. Some pics from Manchester.

    Thanks to Steve and the gang for a really top gig!

  8. Good photos mate..

  9. There’s a bit of a review as well. It’s not the greatest, but then nither am I!

  10. Supurb review Phil, it says it all mate. Photo’s nice to.

  11. Ha Ha they were clearing up at the end of the gig, and there was about 10 people and the band left in, one of the security guards told me he wanted everyone out. So when I say booted out, I didn’t mean man handled out. Must say the security were ok, and unlike the old days I didn’t argue the toss.

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