Radio interview from Near FM

Hello folks - Allison here, Steve's bit busy so he asked me to put up this interview that was done live on Near FM (Dublin) last night.  Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions interviews Steve, and plays a few tunes.


Steve Ignorant Near FM 2010-09-22 by Southern

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  1. great stuff….cheers… there any way of downloading this??? happy equinox steve…..lookin forward to reading the book and can’t make it to ya gigs so please keep us posted as to how else we can get hold of it….cheers….all de best

  2. cant wait steve thx for all the info and for keeping me informed on ure projects love peace dave family mutant say hi il be waring a burnt cross tshirt cant wait 2 read your book either m8

  3. I remember seeing Crass with the Poison Girls play in Derby over 30 year ago. And what a gig..It seemed the Notts and Derby punks were going to tear each other apart that night until Steve came on and told us to forget that territorial bullshit and enjoy the show together. I doubt any other person could have channeled all that incredible aggression and turned it into such positive energy. I was 13 at the time and although I can’t hardly recall one songs performance from that night, I’ll never forget what you did. Inspirational..good luck for the shows and I’ll be there in Birmingham to say thanks for staying real.

  4. really fuking enjoyed listening to this interview steve saw u in 82 on ilse of wight with poison girls n anie anx chaged my life and all my m8s we moved into squats formed bands went vegy n got creative all cos of crass thx m8 saw the feeding gig in london thought that was awsome and came up to bristol 4 last supper was a great night coming to london met a few time but only in passing i never had the bollox 2 say oi oi so next time we meet can sign my book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!peace love dave mutant

    • @Dave, I hope I actually signed your book at Bristol. It was the first gig of The Last Supper and very special indeed. Ignore the earlier comment, I guess I’m still knacked and got them all mixed up. Sorry mate.

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