Rehearsals at Southern

Anyone who tells you being in a band isn't hard work, send them to see me.

Me, Bob and Beki working away.

Spike, he's the drummer. Hence the drumkit.

Gizz has got the songs all worked out.

Beki, Bob and Gizz have been working really hard. We all have!

Time for a lunch break. I'm off having a fag.

The mixing desk at Southern, where all the original Crass albums were recorded.

This is the wall outside the studio at Southern, I remember sitting here while we were recording Feeding.

Thanks to Jona for the photos.



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Comments (15) Trackbacks (1)
  1. Hello Steve,last time i saw you the band bought me a new pair of jeans(i think the gig was in birminghan).Ive been reading all these various sites about peoples experience during the crass tours.Bloody hell they were experiences some good,some great,some bad, and some just bloody frightening.Good to see you touring,i will be at the m/cr gig.If you recognise me give me a shout,might buy you a beer,even though you still owe me a few.Still not sure who this is,remember the idiot who did the stage sound,yes the guy who had to endure pure hell,it is me.PAUL(not the tandy man)

    • Great to hear from you again. We’ve all changed over the years so if I don’t recognise you, just come over and remind me. It will be good to see you again.

  2. Spike … I love you like a brother but LOSE THE FUCKING FACE FUR! Gav (Conflict / Broken Bones)

  3. Looks/sounds like all is going ahead well. The band looks great, if it sounds half-as-good it’ll be stellar. Don’t forget to keep N. America (specifically Canada, specifically Toronto area) in mind after the European dates. Allison has my info!

    All the best.

  4. If you go to Toronto, you MUST come to Montreal as well!!!

    • Hello Sue and Claude, Great to hear from you again. Hope you’re both well. I’ll tell Allison and if possible we will come to Montreal! I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Why don’t you play a gig in Belgium?? If you plan to do so, please get in touch!
    Stefan Joosten

  6. Steve…..don’t forget at some point Norwich for your warm down!

  7. Hi Steve, me and a two more friends from Portugal, we’re going to the bristol gig and we don’t have any tickets to the gig cause at gig box you can’t order tickets to other countries and we already bought the plane tickets and we really want to see this show…
    We arrive at bristol tuesday night (23th), how can we bought them? there’s gonna be tickets at the gate to buy? thanks, hug!

  8. Hello Diogo. Sorry about that, I didn’t know that. I wonder how other people from abroad ordered their tickets. I suggest you get in touch with Allison as soon as possible. Her details are on the info tab at the top. Will see you in Bristol!

  9. caugth you at bristol brilliant

  10. hi steve

    any london dates? call me a lazy bastard if you like

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