The Rest Is Propaganda

My book arrived from the printer's yesterday.  Talk about just in the nick of time, eh?  We'll have copies at the gigs this weekend and next, so if you're interested you can pick one up before it's available anywhere else.  Here's the blurb from the back cover, which Allison wrote:

The day that Stephen Williams walked up the path to Dial House and found Jeremy Ratter at the end of it, sitting at a typewriter, was undoubtedly an auspicious event for both of them - not to mention for many of us.  It was 1977, and although there were fifteen years and a world of social privilege separating them, the two shared something much more important: their dissatisfaction with the life that society was offering them. Steve had recently been infected with Punk Rock at a gig by the Clash, and Jeremy had a drum kit. Together, they formed Crass.  Over the next seven years, Crass would stencil its name in indelible paint across the face of British culture. They would become the band that rattled the timbers in the Houses of Parliament, infiltrated teenage magazines, fought savage anti-establishment, pro-humanitarian battles, and challenged the music industry with a new definition of DIY.
The Rest Is Propaganda is not, however, the story of that band.  Rather, it is the story of a young boy who grew up on the streets of Dagenham, wearing Tuf shoes and holey jumpers, being railroaded to a life on the factory floor.  This is the story of a lad who learned about life on on the terraces of Upton Park, in the pubs and clubs of East London, behind the counter of Wallis's supermarket, and why he left that all behind. It is the story of how Stephen Williams became Steve Ignorant. And what he did after.

More on the book later - got to get the car packed up now.



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  1. Yay!!!! I can’t wait to read it!!!! XXX =:0)

  2. Steve to those who cannot make the Last Supper gigs, how can we get the book? Is it available thru Southern?
    Good luck with the gigs and hope you squeeze Norwich in sometime next year maybe?

  3. Great hope to up at the Edinburgh show…will get one there

  4. Always wanted to know. Who’s the bird?

  5. great news ! can’t wait to read it !

  6. Ahhh, that’s after getting me nice and exited

  7. Thank you all for your positive comments. I have to admit I was a bit worried that no one wanted to read it and I would be stuck with all those books. Allison will let you know when and where else you can buy/order the book. For those that are coming to the Last Supper, I’ll see you there!

  8. I’ll be picking it up at Manchester me thinks, I’ve been stuck for something to read for ages. are you going to do sighnings at the gig’s :)

  9. I am a bibliophile but even if I couldn’t fucking read, I would want this book so the kids could come and read it to me whilst I soiled myself in my old folks home!

    I’ll be buying mine in Bristol tomorrow! I’ve saved up my pennies so I hope you’ve got plenty of other merchandise for the XL fuller figure? Anyone who thinks that vegetarians are all stick thin is in for a shock!

  10. sounds like an introduction to one of those football hooligan books..sounds great

  11. Class, can’t wait, bring plenty to Belfast 8)

  12. Steve could you tell me how much the book is please and also how much are the t-shirts at the gig so I can budget myself cannot wait now. Manchester here we come.Many thanks Ade.Hope the tickets have sold well mate.

  13. Get it for a tenner on Amazon ffs.

  14. well done steve, i have been waiting for this book since i was 16 {am 33 now} cant wait for the book and dublin gig, see you soon……….

  15. I bought the book last night (along with a very high quality Polo shirt and a nice T Shirt with some nutter on the front pointing a gun at me … all good value despite what you might read) and I’m well into the “BC” part of the book. I am loving it too mate. I’m slightly concerned at my own voyeurism but I expect to have the book finished in a day or two. I’ve read many biographies but this is the first one I’ve read about someone who has changed my life in the way that you have.

    Thanks for Bristol and thanks for writing the book.


  16. the book and polo shirt will be great, i want now!

  17. have got the george berger book on crass which is an excellent read.yours will be better of course coz you were actually there !

  18. Looking forward to seeing you Steve. We’ll ‘paint’ the town red and black. XXX

  19. Just finished reading the book, fantastic, couldn’t put it down. Great writing style, moving and laugh out loud funny at every turn.

    Thanks Steve.

  20. A big thank you to all who want to read my book and thank you to those that have and like it. I tried to sign as many books as I could and hope, that if you wanted one, that you were able to get a signed copy.
    On the merch stall there are free stencils for those that want to make their own t-shirt. There are t-shirts, CD’s and the book for £10. Polo shirts with the embroidered Crass symbol for £20. Two different sets of (5 in a set)Crass badges (I think they are £3). You don’t have to buy anything, browsing is free.

  21. I bought the book at the gig in Birmingham and didn’t notice it was signed until I started to read it on the Monday. Really nice touch there. I had the book finished by Tuesday! Literally could not put it down.

  22. I finished it and went back to the start and I’m reading it again. There’s loads of stuff I missed first time round, little one-liners that didn’t register first time. It is a cracking read Steve and it’s real; I can relate to it. I drank in the same pub for years before I earned ‘my space’ which was never at the bar but everyone knew that’s where we sat. The memories of my own teens that I’d long since filed away have flooded back. I’m so glad you decided to write this.

  23. Will you be selling the t shirts on line? Went to Manchester last night but i forgot to get one due to too much beer!

  24. Edinburg gig was great.
    Lets hope its not the last

  25. @Morb,as I am not able to speak and see everyone personally I thought it might be a good idea. Glad you liked it.
    @Gav, thanks mate.
    @Gaz, you are not the only one. I’ll talk to Allison about it.
    @Angus,thanks for that. We will be in London next year, don’t know when yet. But it’s long way to come for you.

  26. loved the book steve, liked the dickensian pic off you, i think you would have made a good fagin type charactar,shame about your brother, i spoke to you after warehouse gig liverpol 82, you told me where he lived, moscow drive,i used to play footy for them, and now live in the next road, its a small world as you said. its great to keep in touch, good luck with forth comeing projects.

  27. looking forward to reading this, big into crass in late 70s early 80s but was never able to see them. should be a good read of the times we all went through

  28. also looking forward to gig in dublin

    • Hope you’ll enjoy the book. It’s not all about Crass. It’s about me and the journey I’ve made and am still travelling on.
      See you in Dublin.

  29. lets see who else owns up to wearing tuf shoes and jumpers with holes in i hated them shoes scuffed em up 20 miniutes after mum bought them ungrateful sod .glad you played so what and i aint thick them songs meant so much to me still do.

  30. The book is a brilliant read. The revelations about colin are a bit of a eye opener. Has he responded in anyway to it?

  31. Can’t wait – should be a great read!!

  32. Hi Steve, really enjoying the book at the moment. I wanted to also say that it’s a great shame that you had a lot of flak for putting on the gig at Shepherds Bush. I went and it was great to chant along with other people for a change and it was a wonderful night.
    I went to see Crass in 1979 in Liverpool and as I was 13 and I’d skived off school and hitch hiked there I got into a lot of trouble but it was worth it.

    You said at the end of the gig that you had tried to change the world but hadn’t managed to. Well there are many people’s lives you did change, including mine. Demonstrating that you could see the world differently and to not accept things was really important.

  33. Hi Steve
    Got the book and read it in 3 days while off last week. Great account of your life, thanks for sharing it with us all. Very disappointed in Colin, lets hope one day he’ll hold his hands up! Anyway still waiting on a gig in Norwich! Good luck

    • Hi Craig. It’s good to hear from you again. We are still thinking about a gig in Norwich but are a bit busy trying to sort out going to the US. We will be in Finland in 10 days time. I’ll keep you posted.

  34. Hi Steve,As Soon as I Got Back From your mindblowing gig at Dublin’s The Button Factory last night,I took out your book which I had bought at the T-Shirt stand.A must for any true Crass fan with really great photos inside.Then I opened up to the first page.Underneath the words THE REST IS PROPOGANDA was what looked like a printed version of your signature.Then I looked again,and thought to myself “No,It can’t be !”,BUT IT IS – The book is actually signed by you.I’m Blown Away ! I was unable to make it in to shake your hand at the Tower Records Q&A,so this helps hugely.The gig last night was the most passionate,most powerful gig I’ve ever witnessed,and I’ve seen quite a few,I’m now 44.All you lucky Belfast folk…..Enjoy tonite ! We won’t see your likes again.Not wanting to quote ABBA,
    but THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC My Friend.Stay Your Way,Be Happy And Healthy,Keith.

  35. looking for a Crass polo shirt for my husband….cant find them anywhere….tried Southern Records….Belfast gig was cracker!!! Lookin frd to the book :) ))

  36. Have any possibility to get a signed copy from this book if i’m buying it from Southern Records?

  37. In your age bracket Steve and the reflections you give in the book, as a working class lad growing up at the time, brought back some fond memories (over the not so fond ones) for me. Cheers. Good quality polo shirt btw.

  38. Wer did u get the polo shirt?????? i can’t find them on the net….

  39. Grew up listening to Crass. Saw you at the Shirley Ashby Centre (Southampton) and it had an influence on me that changed my life. As I grew older I fell into the morgage trap and full time job trap that most succumb to. Now as I age I find myself wanting to give more back to society instead of take. I picked up this book and its the first book I have read since school days (some 29 years) Thing is, I could relate to it. Got my tickets for the show in November in London. Have had to get tickets for balcony.. (back would not take standing and jumping around these days).
    Not sure if you really fully understand the influence you had on so many people. Cant wait for the chance to see you perform again after all these years.

  40. Someone not reading a book for the last 29 years leaves me feeling sad.

  41. dumb convict ozzie ? maybe the real steve ignorant ? coz i have never heard of u`s !! fark!!! riicey

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