Copenhagen 23 October

Loading in using the gear lift at Loppen. Adam the sound guy is at the top helping us. He did a fantastic job for us - thanks Adam.

Spike had a special drum head made for his kit for The Last Supper

More Copenhagen pictures - see full post.

After soundcheck I was off to do a talk and book signing at the central library in Copenhagen. David Thomas from Pere Ubu was there last week. Don't tell him but I pulled more people than he did.

It was really nice to be able to chat to people and sign books after the talk. There were people there from all over - Russia, Iceland, England, Sweden, Greenland and the USA as well as Denmark.

Me and Thomas who interviewed me for the talk, sitting on the talk show sofa.

Thomas did a great job, especially considering he had to talk to me in English which isn't his first language.  I don't like talking on my own so I really appreciate the effort that Thomas and Daniel, the organiser, made to make the talk fun for me and the audience.

Gizz' gear

After the signing it was straight back to Loppen for the gig.  This is a shot Jona took of Gizz' big boots and all the gizmos on his pedal board.  He spends ages perfecting his sound and maintaining and cleaning all the gear.   I think he does an amazing job getting a really full sound and bringing all the Crass songs to life.

Spike, Gizz, Bob, Beki and me on stage at Loppen.Spike in action

Spike in action.

A nice shot of Spike and also the visuals that Allison did - she used two projectors at Loppen and it worked great.  She's already talking about ideas for our final show in London next year.  We're going to do some really special things for that.

The crowd at Loppen was absolutely amazing.

I think you can tell from these photos how enthusiastic they were. Thanks to everyone for coming down and making it such a success.  The band and me really enjoyed ourselves.  Thanks again to Anderz the promoter for bringing us over, and for Adam and Raymond at the venue for looking after us with great sound and great food.

These people made the gig special for us.

Thanks to everyone for coming out.



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Comments (6) Trackbacks (0)
  1. It sure was a pleasure to have you here at Loppen!
    For me as an old Crass fan, it was fantastic to finally
    get to hear the song live – THANX!!


    • It was great to be in Denmark and be able to play at Loppen. We really enjoyed it. Thanks everyone for coming to the book talk and the gig.

  2. ThanX for the IMHO Best Show i (we) had in Denmark since…Fore-Ever!!!
    An @ma-Zing evening with a LOT more “Crass” songs that any of us eXpected.
    And with a Band that did so much more than just “PLAY”…It was for REAL!
    …and Sound-Wise it was Brilliant! (Looking forward to the Live Boot, ha ha ha)

    Also have to mention the very mixed crowd, from old to very young,
    wich in my book is another proof that Crass STILL is a very much needed band!

    Also Miz Beki “Purple” Libertine, did a fantastic job,
    and GIZ Guitar were cutting/slashing my nerves for the next 3 days…THX!
    oh…and Steve….ohYeah!..ohYeah!…Don’t Ever Stop!

    For those who did NOT had the Chance to see this band…
    Go to London, or whatever Venue that is left on their tour; YOU will not be dizzApointed!!

    All the Best from DK.

  3. Best gig I’ve ever been to in Denmark !!!

  4. A Big thanks to you all!! It was really great to hear all the old Crass song live. As an old Crass fan I never ever believed that would happend. Gizz and Beki really did put a new dimension to it.
    It would be great if you put it out as a live cd or maybe even a studio album, it never have to end……..

    I think you all did great! Thanks again!

    Love from Sweden

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