The Last Supper goes to the USA and Canada

Testing 1-2-3. America, are you receiving?

Well after an enormous amount of planning and work by the folks behind the scenes, I am really pleased to announce that we will be taking The Last Supper tour to the USA and Canada next year.

Thursday MARCH 10 New York, NY @ Santo's Party House
Friday MARCH 11 Montreal, QC @ Le National
Saturday MARCH 12 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
Sunday MARCH 13 Chicago, IL @ Logan Square Auditorium
Wednesday MARCH 16 Seattle, WA @ Neumo's
Thursday MARCH 17 San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
Friday MARCH 18 Pomona, CA @ Fox Theater
Tuesday March 22 Austin, TX @ Emo's
Friday March 25 Baltimore, MD @ Sonar

Me and the band are really looking forward to this.  Being able to the play the Crass songs in places where Crass was never able to go will be an honour, and a huge amount of fun as well.  Hope to see some of you there.



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Comments (60) Trackbacks (2)
  1. Come to Vancouver!

  2. Skipping Philly? Come on Allison, you gotta come here!

  3. YESSSSS!!!! Finally! I’ve been waiting 25 years for this! Thanks Steve & all!

  4. I imagine you could’ve booked in sarataga new york…wouldnt be that hard, I think you got a lot of fans up that way.

  5. wish I could go the times your going to be in Seattle I will be in Afghanistan I wish you could go there that would be the shit!Or you could please send me a recording of the shows so I can enjoy them and feel like I was almost there been a huge fan of Crass since 85.

  6. Hope I can save enough to get to a gig either in US or would be another 1 off my bucket list. If any one got info on how to get tickets. @ any o these gigs cheers Codge

  7. This is awesome news that you’re coming to Canada. Looking forward to see you play in Toronto.

  8. Cool ! I will probably go to more than one show. See you there. Tanks !

  9. Steve any new news on the London gig next year.Ive had to agree to go and watch Billy Elliot in London seen as Im taking my partner to watch your good self.Fair trade off I think.

  10. Will definitely be there for the show in Montreal!

  11. Nice one… will defo see you in Toronto.

  12. Let us know if you need a place to stay in Baltimore. We have a spare room, a blow-up mattress and sofas — and yummy vegan food too.


  13. Steve, Just you and “band” What about a full on CRASS Tour! ! ?? Come on man….BIG M A N…..

  14. STEVE!!!

    Come to Asheville, NC or somewhere close!

  15. Steve, I run an animal rights / anti police / anti fbi organization and would love to table the show in Seattle. Please let me know if this is possible.

    • What a bunch of old hippycrites naking that cash for anarchy. You yourselves said punk is dead a zillion days back. And the prices you charge, anarchy for the fun of it; get a grip, you are a bunch of old has beens performing in a testosterone charged enviroment. The young version of you would laugh at you now …

  16. FUCK YES, SIR I WILL be there in San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buying my ticket on Friday!!!

    • Bought my ticket. See you at Slim’s (excellent choice of venue sir). Now what can we expect from the setlist??? I’m so damned excited…..So What, Banned From the Roxy, Big A, Little A, Big Hands, White Punks on Hope….FUCK just play EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Folks, just saw them in Belfast – you’re in for a real treat!

  18. Well, looks like I’ll have something to do mid-march after all!
    Thank you uncle Steve.

  19. aye,the Crass message is still alive and kicking over here.
    truly looking forward to Slim’s SF and running a few features on my small but mighty radio show!

  20. Please come to Vancouver! I`m 13 and have always wished to see you live, there`s no other punk band as awesome as yours!

  21. You have to book a show in Houston! Try Warehouse Live or Meridian!

  22. Show ‘em how it’s done, Steve!

    Any photos from Belfast?

  23. fuck yeah!!!!!!!see you guys in chicago!!!cheers and respect!!karlos/shaman records

    • Karlos/Shaman records are good honest people! They’ll do right by you, and you’ll do right by them. I should know. I know this organization personally, and consider them good friends of mine!

  24. Play in Portland, Oregon, so I don’t have to find a way to get to Seattle on a Wednesday night. Please.

  25. Hey Steve, was at the Manchester gig right at the barrier in front of Giz. Was there any professional photographers there and if so where can i see the pics??

  26. March 10th can’t come quick enough mate!! can’t wait.gonna be a great night.

  27. Thank you for all your positive comments and your support. I really can’t wait and I am looking forward to meet lots of ‘old’ friends and make some new ones on the way.
    Nadia I don’t think we will be able to come to Vancouver. Canada and the USA are so big that we wont be able to cover it all.
    Sorry Robert to hear that you are going to miss it. I don’t know yet about recording it. Will keep you posted. The band and I are having a bit of a break at the moment, spending some time with our families/friends and we will talk about the set list in the New Year.

    Allison and I have been really busy but photos from Dublin and Belfast are on its way. It was a fantastic weekend and a very special one indeed.

  28. Pleeease try to get the original members to come with you to the states. please.

  29. Montreal show is at the Foufs not at le national

  30. After seeing what you’ve done with the gig “The feeding of the 5000″, putting an entrance fee that was a real steal for what you do around me is not worth more practically ‘anything.
    A concert that would be a steal even if there were groups who came from afar, and then this would have been entitled to require a refund. But to make matters worse, from what we know, was not even benefit the proceeds!
    This has left me astonished (and this same principle applies to groups that have played), and sends you a person who loves Crass with his whole being, and that has spread for years (and still spreading) “your” work in many ways.
    Furthermore, in “The feeding of the 5000 gig” Unfortunately there were people I know, and I was told that you could not get off from the top to bottom, with the security that was breaking my balls.
    But still have to go wrong at that concert, because ultimately it is your fault in some way related, because it is who gives you a way to continue following that should stop doing that.
    They should let you and whoever plays with you from the empty front.
    Perhaps it is trite to say, but the punk with this shit has nothing to do.
    And here in Italy (but not only, fortunately) there are people who really serious work hard and do not speculate on anything.
    Here the “movement” is quite another thing.
    I close by saying that in my opinion, more than the money, especially the ego is what has fucked you (even the interview so that you do ‘often means something to that effect, as is, unfortunately, it also Penny Rimbaud, who even went on TV, but who appreciate other things)
    So, without a long introspection Steve.
    And with you who follows you frothing at the mouth.
    Whether wet panties or follow a symbol.
    Without any bitterness, but with just resentment and regret, Adri
    (Sorry for bad english)

    • ????????? Um…….WHAT??? I think you are trying to say something negative about this tour, but for the life of me I’m not sure what it is you are actually saying.

    • Whatever… Well, you can’t please EVERYONE.
      Just because YOU don’t like that Steve is touring, doesn’t mean you have to attack the people who see nothing wrong with this tour. “following, frothing at the mouth…wet panties or just a symbol”?!
      Sorry if we ALL don’t think exactly like you do.
      I see nothing wrong with this tour, because the so-called “Punk Scene” WILLINGLY & HAPPILY sold itself out a long time ago. Punk IS dead. get over it..

      If Steve wants to charge money for all the time and effort put into this tour (not to mention the decades of work with some of the most important punk bands ever…) I have no problem throwing in a $20 (U.S.) for the inspiration and the life-changing music/words/protests,etc.. he has given us.

      In conclusion, SO FUCKING WHAT?!?! You don’t HAVE to go to the show!
      It’s sad that you turn your back on this, and not see it for what it really is… FUN!!

  31. Will be flying from Sacramento, Ca to Los Angeles, Ca for this event. There was a time when Crass was to play L.A. but it never happened.

  32. I`m going to get my passport and see Steve in Seattle instead since he can`t make it to Vancouver! I`m so excited, this will be the best thing ever!
    By the way… For those who are here just to talk trash about the tour or spread their stupid complaints, keep it to yourself! Be grateful for the fact that you have the rare privledge to see Steve Ignorant LIVE in the first place! If they didn`t meet your expectations, who cares! Just have fun and listen to their important messages!

  33. I’m 48 years old now and have been waiting for this since i first heard the “feeding” when I was a young lad growing up in Australia. Crass quite literally changed my life and the ideals propagated back then still affect my life/outlook now. Thank you Steve for giving us all a chance to finally see and hear the message live. Will be driving down from Vancouver to Seattle for the show, it’s worth all the border hassles for this. As to the people who are too ‘pure’ to see this, your snobbery and elitism is what killed punk!, Me, I’m just gonna go and have a great time, down some pints, pogo and sing along……..32 years is a long time to wait so i wouldn’t miss this for the world!!!!

  34. Thank you Crass & Steve for everything you have done. You have been an inspiration for pretty much my whole life! This is a dream come true to finally see Crass, well at least one member, and hear Crass songs LIVE!!! Thanks to the rest of the other members for letting Steve do this tour! See you in SF!!!

  35. ARRRGH! I cant wait! I better see you in nyc! Crass is still in my top 3 bands that need to be known! First discovering Crass was like meeting an inferno which matched my inner inferno. YEAY!!! Thanks for coming we won’t disappoint you!

  36. Yessssss Montreal!!! I will be there!!!!!

  37. Steve, I will try my best to take as many photos as I can at Slims in SF for your collection and mine. Coming down from Oregon for this show is a dream come true that I NEVER thought would happen. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see my all time favorite punk band and live to tell about it! Can’t fucking wait!



  38. For the show in montreal I look on the website of the national and there’s already another show the 11!

  39. Steve, this is great. I’m an old mate of Trunts now living in Toronto. We were on Bullshit Detector 3. Saw the Feeding of the 5000 in London (before that it was Cleator Moor a long time ago….) with Trunt and Sean McGhee – brilliant night. Just got a ticket for Toronto. Let me know if I can buy you a beer when you are here.

  40. It’s been since I was 17 in 1996 that I’ve been listening to your music. It’s shaped my life and who I am more than my parents have I would say. I just found out about this tour. It seems unreal to me that you would be playing shows in America but I am very excited and I will see you in Pomona.

  41. Only 7 weeks to go and I can’t wait to get started. I am really looking forward to come to America and Canada. The band and I are busy rehearsing and Carol our new vocalist is great. Thanks everyone for all your support. If you want to speak to me I’ll try to be near the merch stand before the show starts, so come and say hello.

  42. If you’re looking for an opening act, I’m more than willing to open for The Last Supper free of charge when you play Chicago on March 13th. I will be sending a publicity picture along with some of my original songs to your two contacts, Southern Word, and Rarely Unable. There is an interview w/me in Big Smile on line Magazine, which is not too informative, but informative enough, nonetheless. ( Click on “Interview” on the menu bar and look for my name) Even if you decide not to use me as an opening act, I look forward to you and The Last Supper coming to Chicago. It may not be CRASS, but I’m sure the faithful, such as myself shant be disappointed! Sincerely, Adam Rebelius

  43. Steve, I’ve listened to you in crass from i was 14. It took a while until I understood what you where saying. I’m from Derry in Ireland. Living in the states now and still listen to you. Now I’m 38 and you’re still here. Ireland is still under the unionist scum.

    • Same here Paul, although I was 13 when I found them and I’m 38 now too. Crass has had my heart and still lives in my heart to this day and will so until the day I die. Cannot wait for this show and I hope it’ll never end! See you in SF!

  44. Please, if at all possible, do a gig in Dallas, TX. There’s a lot of us here who’d love to see you, but can’t take off in the middle of the week for a trip to Austin.

  45. su pinche madre miadosss!!! eso va a estar de poka madre despues de pensar ke el steve ya usaba baston podremos verlo caminando y sobre todo ke venga a estados unidos a darles una gran resenia de lo ke es el punk ligado con el anarkismo ya ke aki la mayoria de los plastik punks ke existen en usa se kedaron kon la idea de ke sex pistols era todo, su pinche madre miados se van a kedar pendejos!!!! espero ke esto les sirva para ke aprendan ke el punk no solo es hacer bandas e irse de gira. …si el punk solo fuera musical rancid green day y casualties, fueran lo maximo miados, vayan y conozcan el punk por sus propios medios ya ke el punk no es una escuela.

  46. i thought it was only governments and cops that ordered us around…………….theres bigger battles to be fought.although i think goldblade are not my cup of rosey you dont dictate how people should spend their money and what bands they should like or not like.
    i go to diy ‘shows’and aint seen a band yet that moved me really.
    btw,as steve and others has pointed out,this is not crass.excuse me,but i have to go now and help some peoples lives a bit better and not get paid for it.

  47. Steve, please add a Denver show. I was booked on a flight for the original date in Chicago. Now I can’t make it for the rescheduled one. Please add Denver. I grew up listening to you and the rest of the other Crass label bands, especially Poison girls in Port Huron Michigan. I bet you got a lot of correspondence from there back in the day. Full Moon records turned on a lot of people to some great music. It was an incredible record store.
    Add Denver…
    Thanx, and good luck and safe travels,

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