Australian announcement

Carol, Gizz, Spike, me and Bob.

Hello. We're on a bit of a roll now, just signed sealed and agreed our Australian dates.  Many thanks to Min and Glenn and all the lovely folks who pulled together to make the tour happen.

The Last Supper Australian tour 2011

  • June 10 Brisbane, Prince of Wales Hotel
  • June 11 Sydney, Salmagundi Studios
  • June 15 Perth, The Bakery
  • June 17 Melbourne, The Tote
  • Tickets on sale 1st April via OzTix

To celebrate here's a picture of me and the band looking moody.  The truth is we were freezing our you-know-whats off standing in the cold outside our deluxe rehearsal studios in Peterborough.


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Filed under: Now Hear This
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  1. You’ll have to smile more going through Aussie immigration

  2. Fantastic!! how do we book for the Sydney date

  3. Can’t wait, it’s been years since the early days at the anarchist centre and centro iberico, now you’re coming to melbourne!

  4. so funny. i might come along. i could use a laugh.

  5. More info via New Noise Agency website
    and tickets will be available through Oztix…should be on sale from April 1st.

  6. Fantastic news Steve. Ticking off the days till the Perth show. I’ll buy you a beer or

  7. Wow you are playing a venue in Melbourne that holds 300 people & no projector! No Brisbane or Hobart????????? What the fuck is the venue in Sydney?? Never heard of it.

    Sounds like another fuck up like the visas on your US tour.

    More rock than punk……

    • Sounds like sour grapes to me Jeff.

      • Yup, sounds like he is going to cry. And. yes, they are playing Brisbane; I think the tears got in the way of him reading it correctly. Good to hear the tour is expanding. Cheers!

      • Not really when you compare the 2 tours.

        No Adelaide (which I meant than Brisbane)

        No Hobart

        No Multi Media shows

        Low standard venues

        I just don’t appreciate putting in 2 months work when I know ‘talk’ was going on behind my back.

        Also shows bad management….

      • Not really when you compare the 2 tours.

        No Adelaide (which I meant than Brisbane)

        No Hobart

        No Multi Media shows

        Low standard venues

        I just don’t appreciate putting in 2 months work when I know ‘talk’ was going on behind my back.

        Also shows bad management….

        Derek, sound like you must be one of the ‘dinosaur’ punks. Maybe if you saw the Don Letts tour we did a few years ago you might understand what punk is really about

        • Point taken. Yeh,the performance without the media would take away from the show. Sorry, I do not know the venues either and for the sarcasm, it is just that I would be be happy to see them anywhere regardless of the venue. I saw some of my favorite gigs in some hovel, hole in the wall, or basement. I am not really a “dinosaur” punk, more like post-dinosaur. Take care.

        • Quite a paradox there, dissing “dinosaur” punks then saying Don Letts was what punk was really about. So, was it “punk” to be there at the start, and therefore a dinosaur as Don clearly is, or not?

          Actually don’t bother answering, I am not quite so senile yet that I am no longer “punk” enough to make up my own mind despite what scene police may think.

          I am really looking forward to seeing Steve live again. His lyrics are just as relevant in today’s world and need to be heard live by the next generation.

          • Thanks fro that mate. I guess I may be old enough to be senile, seeing that I was confused by Dr. El Suavo’s post and apologised for my previous post. Not sure why he would dis us and bring Don, who is several years my senior and older than Steve, into the conversation. I am eager to see Steve and hear his message as well…even if I have to wear a hearing aid to hear him and have the assistance of a walker (zimmer) to get to the gig :) Enjoy the show.

          • Neither, am self employed, don’t answer to anyone including people on the internet who tell me what I should or shouldn’t wear. And I hate guns and other forms of violence as did most followers of Crass.
            When’s the book coming out? You know the ultimate reference book on what Punk is? I could do with a laugh.

          • “Anarchy means I can shoot anyone in the head when I feel like it. Very relevant!” Starting to sound a little bit precious and silly now.

          • Mooching off your girlfriend and stealing from your boss is more punk? I guess it must be.

          • I don’t profess to be “punk” by any stretch of the imagination. Although I have met quite a few over the years who I consider to be very good friends. This whole thing is just sour grapes from someone who for whatever reason, couldn’t or wouldn’t deliver the goods. “Stealing from your boss” not that old chestnut. [groan]

          • Sorry Karl, that comment wasn’t directed at YOU … it was for #2

          • No worries mate :) you had me confused with the girlfriend bit. Hope my wife doesn’t find out.

          • Erm

            How about Stratford Mercenaries?? Schwartzenegger??

            And being true to the Crass ethos? Steve could have made millions. He hasn’t. He’s 53 now with a big mortgage. He’s coming to Australia/NZ. It’s $40 to go and see a living legend. He’s meeting people the night before the gig to say hello in his own time, and doesn’t want any payment. He is a GENUINE person.

            Don Letts formed a band and signed to a major record label almost 30 years, to “make money” He isn’t the type of “punk” that yer average Crassite would be interested in meeting.

            Shoot anyone in the head?? You are seriously deluded fella!!

          • And now he’s deleted his posts. (Roll eyes emoticon). Wound us up for a laugh?? Who knows, who cares. Good riddance

          • What’s that saying about a bad penny?

            Not surprised that he’s deleted his posts.

            I guess he doesn’t want people doing a Google search and discovering that Jeff Halls and InTense don’t have a good rep. I guess he’s going to move to Norfolk Island next … must be running out of pools to piss in.

        • Jeff you’re paranoid. There was no talk behind your back. YOU said you wanted to cancel and we agreed with you and you know very well exactly why. I won’t be as low or cowardly as you – stooping to posting “anonymous” comments on web sites or insulting people’s integrity in public because a business deal didn’t work out. We said what we needed to directly to you. This slander campaign is not the way to make yourself feel better, believe me.
          We will have our visuals and maybe it won’t be in fancy discos with big screens, but doing the shows, and doing them with people who were passionate enough to step up and put their necks on the line for us when the original tour fell apart – that’s what mattered to Steve and I. I’m sure the audience won’t mind our stuff being projected onto a sheet if need be. Our spirit will prevail.
          And the last thing you said to me was that you had another band “ready to slot into our dates”, so you lost nothing in terms of work, now did you?

          • Because the workload I had at the time would have meant I couldn’t do it justice. Because your mate I.B. said he and you could do it. As you should recall I was then told very firmly to butt out and leave you two to it although I was very keen to be involved, I was pushed aside.

            The first I found out that anything was even started was months later when a band supporting us at a gig were talking about how they were going to be “supporting Crass”. I.B. had told me nothing about this, then told me there was no way our band would even be considered, as “Crass were never a punk band” apparently and again I was told not to interfere and under no circumstances to contact Southern.

            When I was subsequently asked by Allison if I could step in as the previous arrangements hadn’t worked out I said I would do it.
            And so since then we have got on with it and got the job done. Cheers.

          • And thank you for doing so Min. It is very much appreciated by us real “non punks”.

    • “God” oh really?

    • there is definitely going to be a projector.

  8. Sometimes Steve I just dont know why you bother.Theres some moaning f*****s on here.I went to see them in Manchester and they were brilliant projector or no bloody projector.FFS.
    O and by the way please tell me Dr what is punk “really about”.

    • Someone who shall remain anonymous hahaha, (not the Dr but an associate) told me, after I had been cut out of the tour arrangements completely… (oh how I’d like to post about that but I’ll refrain)
      a) “Crass were never a punk band and Steve would be very annoyed if you called him a punk” and b) “just because you used to go to Crass gigs 30 years ago doesn’t mean you know anything about punk”. Huh??

      Oh, OK then. So I’ve been living a lie for the last 34 years. Bugger.

      So what is punk really about? Well that’s something that every single one of us would give a different answer to, no-one can claim ownership of the definition. The whole point of it is we can all make up our own minds.

      See you at the shows!

  9. Well said Ade/Denise. I couldn’t give a shit if steve and his band were playing at the local community scout hut (just like old times) I’m just over the moon to be able to see them just one more time.

    • Nicely said…as long as the sound is fine, I am content! I am really looking forward to the show. I have been waiting a long time.

  10. Its the first of April and no tickets on sale ???
    Hope this is still on

  11. Thanks Im going to have a word with a Oztix seller today at lunch

  12. I’d like an email to [email protected] (kelly) when anyone finds out when the tickets are Actually gonna be available ( now 2pm, April 1). I’ve been runnin all over melbourne town this mornin. ;) Cheers

  13. Look’s like it wont be today
    Asked a guy in a record store who sell Oztix
    and he had no idea who or what I was on about

  14. Just got my tickets 3.50pm Friday Perth time :-)

  15. Sorry for the delay with the tickets folks. I did everything I possibly could to get them available on time and was assured there wouldn’t be a delay.

    Tickets are available online here, ignorant&vn=&st=&dt=0

    a list of retail outlets is here

  16. Thanks for all those who let me/others know when tickets became available.
    Unfortunately, two major retailers here in Melbourne (Polyester, Greville) STILL have no access to tickets (it’s now Saturday 2 April, 1:20pm).
    For a little poor girl like me without a credit card, I can’t buy tickets online, so I’m waiting to hear from my Ma with her credit deets and she’s away on holiday in Queensland :/ Unfair really.
    I’ll spew if I miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime gig. I’ve tried So Hard to go.

    • Kelly I’m really sorry. I have written confirmation that the tickets are on sale everywhere. We are chasing this up now.

      • Hey Min,
        A bit of a screw up all around hey.
        Sounds like it’s technology’s fault, the bastard ;)
        Luckily, a girlfriend with a credit card came through for me in time.
        I just hope all who want to go are able to despite the hitch.
        Best Regards,
        (Keep Well)

        • Me too…I really, really hate that this has happened. I am absolutely assured that Oztix have sent the info to all the retail outlets. In some cases it seems to be problems with the computers at the outlets rather than with Oztix. And in other places people have been asking for “Crass” tickets which is why they have drawn a blank! (This is not a Crass tour!)

        • Kelly, one of those outlets you mentioned said they had sold some this morning…maybe you got the work experience kid?!

          • Polyester records were Hopeless on Saturday, unfortunately (even though I called the gig ‘Last Supper’ or ‘Steve Ignorant’). Greville Records were way cool though (understanding! Says a lot about the small independent record stores that are Still personal, rather than impersonal. Polyester aren’t exactly Giants though, so I dunno :/). …….:)

  17. Kelly, that sucks. An unfortunate consequence of the modern times. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

  18. Hey Steve,

    Don’t know if this is the right channel..
    I live in Brisbane, Australia.
    The legacy of your music is deeply imbued in my own, even though more people
    consider it musically powerful noise without clear songs, needless to
    say the strongest influences are not always the most obvious.

    If there is a free support slot and you’d rather something stranger than
    a lot of the great anarchopunk groups this small town has, would be an honour.

    Contact over email?

  19. Yah!!

    Just got my ticket for the Sydney Gig, thanks Min for keeping me updated and all you have done, the thought of being at the gig and hearing the music & lyrics that are still so important today and being part of such an event is fantastic.
    Last time I had tickets for Crass was many years ago, and the gig was cancelled by the local “Old Bill” :-) although its not Crass, its still all the music that shaped so many of our lives, and showed us a way foward without being the little puppet of Maggie Thatcher.
    You know Maggie still “Owes us a fucking living”

    P.S I thought us Poms were ment to be the whingers, but I see a few Aussies are doing on here, in your own words “Get over yourself” :-)

  20. Hi, not sure if this the right place to ask, but now that Oz’s confirmed, just wondering if there’s still the possibility of the tour coming to NZ? Cheers, Sean

      • Thanks Steve – you are coming to the end(s) of the earth for us. I just wish The (reformed) Mob were coming with you! See you at the gig- the Kings Arms is a great Auckland pub venue – just perfect for you.

        Glyn W – ex-East London & wurzel (saw you yonks ago Hackney Empire with Penny for a benefit; and with Crass at the Bridgwater Arts Centre, Somerset 1983-ish!).

        • Glyn, The Mob are playing tonight with Zounds and Rubella Ballet in Bristol…if I had a tardis I’d come and pick you up…what a line up! Would love to get them all out here.

          • Yeah I know! I’ve been begging them to film it – hopefully they will! Good on you as they say in these parts. Keep up the good work Min. If you’re coming over to Auckland let me know. It’s a nice place to be with plenty of good music scene if you know where to look.

          • Glyn, I hope to get to NZ with this tour so see you in Auckland! Have been wanting to come to NZ for decades and this seems like a great reason!!

        • Kings Arms brings back many good memories. I lived in AKL from ’96 to Dec ’03 before moving to Perth. I’m sure it’s gonna be a fantastic night in The Kings. I’d love to be able to afford to get over there for it.

  21. Just spent an hour or so looking at Youtube videos of some of The last Supper performances. All I can say is we are in for a real treat when we get to see it live :-)

  22. No Adelaide show? Plenty of fans here and it’s between Perth and Sydney …

    • Hi Dave, I had to look at other similar gig attendaces in Adelaide to decide whether I could afford to transport the whole of Steve’s band and crew there. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the numbers to stack up so I hope we will see you all at one of the other shows?

      • Cheers for the reply Steve,

        Yes, the Adelaide crowd can be a bit ‘price sensitive’ – once it gets over some imaginary limit that people have in their minds for what they can afford then they don’t go. This is especially true of the crust scene here. I have to speak at a Marx conference in Sydney two weeks after your show, if it had been a week apart it might have been a little easier, but unfortunately I don’t even know what my lecturing contract with the university is at the moment, just living on 3 month contracts as a substitute for someone on sick leave and therefore no travel money for things like conferences. I’ll have to reassess at the beginning of May when I will know more. If tickets for the Sydney show are available I might be able to get one then and stay in Sydney for a fortnight if my sister can cope with that!


        • Cheers Dave, I have had some great people in Adelaide offerring to put on a show for Steve (Big thanks to Mark from Perdition) and I would have loved to have done it.
          I paid about a pound when I last saw Crass in the UK in 1981…! Sadly that wouldn’t cover 7 airfares around the world and back these days. Anyway hope you can make it to one of the other shows!

          • Thanks Min, but I can’t make it over. Not a question of money, more one of time. Heaps of work to get through at the moment and I don’t get weekends to myself working as a member of an increasingly precarious academic work force.

            Sounds like you are putting together a good show. Never mind the bollocks about ‘real punks’ and anarchy being about shooting punks. Seems like a lot of hot air to me.

  23. Ahhh. Nostalgia. Camden, 1984. Playing a last gig with a student band at the Roundhouse, off chops on psilocybin. Then, the Glasshouse over the road, 1984. Holding the speakers up so they don’t fall over with the floor bouncing. Rumours of a stack of glass waiting for hapless attendees when the floor finally gives way. Leaflets prising open the pacifist stance of the band. And the gig getting broken up cos the fkin skins turned up. I believe it was my 20th birthday that night, too.

    And seeing a cracking Schwarzenegger/Conflict gig in Brixton a few years later, memories a bit hazier of that one.

    Good times.

  24. Ahhh. Nostalgia. Camden, 1984. Playing a last gig with a student band at the Roundhouse, off chops on psilocybin. Then, the Glasshouse over the road. Holding the speakers up so they don’t fall over with the floor bouncing. Rumours of a stack of glass waiting for hapless attendees when the floor finally gives way. Leaflets prising open the pacifist stance of the band. And the gig getting broken up cos the fkin skins turned up. I believe it was my 20th birthday that night, too.

    And seeing a cracking Schwarzenegger/Conflict gig in Brixton a few years later, memories a bit hazier of that one.

    Good times.

  25. They’re on their way!!!!!!

  26. Hi Steve it’s Jesus from Sheffield, just seen that is the last gig. A great shame I can not be there, in Thailand …. been here for years … teaching now, but my best teachers ….. Crass …. the band that opened my eyes, the best band in the world. I wish you well and hope that all the old band members are well. I will be there in spirit :-)

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