Emergency announcement


I'm really really gutted to have to let you all know that we have to reschedule our USA and Canadian gigs. There's a delay with the issue of the visas we require to enter the USA. We hope it will all be sorted soon but we will NOT be able to make the scheduled gigs.

I would ask everyone to please hold onto your tickets and give us about a week to announce new dates. We will reschedule as soon as possible and tickets will be valid for the rescheduled dates, however, if you think 'fuck it, I want my money back', then do that and I will completely understand.

I know that loads of you have been planning to travel for these gigs and that rescheduling them will be a right kick in the bollocks for you. I'm really, really genuinely very sorry about this. Please understand that this situation is costing me and the band a load of emotional upset, it's not the money, it's the letting you lot down, the bands that we were going to play with, all the people that have worked so fucking hard to put this thing together and if we could have done anything to avoid it we would have. Honestly, with all my heart, there was nothing else we could do. PLEASE, if you could let other gig-goers know that it's off for now through your emails and face books or whatever means you can please do so. I know these are only typed words and words aint enough but it's all I can do. To say I feel a right xxxt would be an understatement. This is the worse thing I've ever had to do. We really appreciate your support and we will do these gigs one way or another. Here are the rescheduled dates that will be confirmed as soon as our visas are confirmed. Until the powers that be grant us entry there's nothing more I can do at the moment. Again, I'm really so sorry about all this.

Everything is tbc pending visas but we are hoping they will get issued this week.

All tickets will be good for the rescheduled shows.
Please do not make travel arrangements until we confirm 100%

April 20 Brooklyn, NY @ Europa
April 21 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda - SOLD OUT
April 22 Toronto, ON @ Opera House
April 23 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
April 26 Seattle, WA @ Neumo's
April 27 San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
April 29 Pomona, CA @ Fox Theater
April 30 Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse
May 3 Austin, TX @ Emo's
May 6 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
May 7 Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
May 8 New York, NY @ Santo's - SOLD OUT


PS just made a minor update to the above 12:23am 7 March

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Comments (56) Trackbacks (1)
  1. Steve, knowing how much time, effort and work you, Jona, Allison, the band, and everyone else involved has put into this, i can only imagine how gutted you must be. Thoughts with you all, old chum.

    • Cheers Neil, been well and truly fucked this time.

    • hey Joey Are you suggesting Steve swim here?-how bout redirecting your anger towards it’s rightful recipients?
      and enough of the racist and homophobic BS, doesn’t do any good and just makes you look like an A-Hole.

      I’m disappointed as well, but there’s a lot in this world I have no control over.

    • You are a waste of life! My question is what the hell are you doing commenting on this site anyway? Go drown yourself in a toilet full of your own excrement, you bigoted..useless…hate monger!

    • come back to Finland that was an awesome gig,
      I’ve also read that book you did.

      T.finnish boy

  2. well i guess i’ll have to go catch The Ex at bottom of the hill in san francisco that night, instead.

  3. The SF Slims show had been moved to the DNA Lounge…..
    (Lack of ticket sales ?) Even before you rescheduled the Tour !!

    • HI Ian. We moved that show because Slim’s had a problem with their liquor license for our date and we thought some of our fans might be disappointed at a no-alcohol show. DNA is actually a bigger capactiy venue than Slims. Now that we’ve moved the date we’re back to the original venue. :)

    • Alot of people didn’t know about it, including myself. When I heard there was to be CRASS songs live I almost shit! Then I was pissed because I didn’t find out earlier. Lots of people dont have computer access and that has been the only promoting…..bring back the paper flyer?

  4. Don’t worry Steve Ill wait for you

  5. no sweat dude. it’ll all work out. most of us been waiting 30 years, so a few more weeks wont break the spirit

  6. Sorry to hear this. Appreciate the honesty and know how much it must piss you off. I am sure Cleator Moor Civic Hall was much easier to arrange :) Ignore the crap on here and see you in April!

  7. This is utter bullshit.

  8. Don’t worry about it Steve. Your apology is genuine and so is our enthusiasm. We’ll be seeing you soon one way or another!

  9. Good looking out, I appreciate your sincere notice to a generic email from a ticket sales department or venue. I’ve waited a long time a few more weeks ain’t nothing!

  10. I booked a flight from Australia to California to see you guys pay. FML.

  11. Probably should have gone to a gig in Britain…

  12. Good luck with getting it sorted Steve.

    Your show in Manchester was ace.

    Hope you didn’t leave getting the Visas ’til the last minute ;)

    • Hello Anna,
      Thank you for your support. I can assure you we started this visa process months ago, the tour is too bloody important to me to do things last minute. Not that it did me any good this time.

  13. If I have tickets for the Don Hill’s ticket in NYC, what will happen with the venue change? Will it work for the Europa show

    • As Steve said, all tickets will be valid for the new dates.

      • So is it Don Hill’s or Europa? I don’t know which got posted first so I don’t know whats the current venue…

      • So the venue changed online to Europa, but I’m still seeing that it’s 21+. Is that a mistake? If not, will that be changed? Please let me know soon;I want more than anything right now to get a ticket before these sell out too, but I’m only 20….

        • Hello Kurt, The tickets for Don Hill’s are good for the Europa show (it’s the same promoter for both venues). I’m sure that any confusion about where tickets are being sold will be sorted over the next couple of days – everyone is working hard on updating everything.
          I am not sure if or which show is 21+ but I’ll ask Allison and will also ask her if it can be an all ages show if possible. I can’t promise that it will happen but when I hear I’ll let you know! Hope this all makes sense Kurt.

  14. Gutted – absolutely gutted. Flying from London to NYC tomorrow (Weds) for the planned gig on Thurs. Oh well – will just have to drown myself in PBR in NYC and look forward to the London gig in November…

  15. Hi Lyndon, good to see you on here matey. C/Moor gig easy to arrange, but a right bugger to get there. Good job you didn’t get me a ticket.

  16. Any chance of exchanging 3 ny tix for 3 ga tix? Traveled from florida for this. Won’t be able to again for the new dates.

    • Which New York show? I actually have 3 tickets for the Atlanta gig I could be willing to trade for a chance to see the NYC gig.

    • Jordan, you will need to refund your California tickets and then buy new tickets for NYC. I know it is a bit of a hassle but the promoters are different so we are not able to organise a swap for you. Please bear in mind that the Santo’s show is already sold out, so unless there are returns there are no tickets available. Sorry about that Jordan.

      • Thanks for the feedback. Me and sparky are working out a trade. I’ve got 3 santos tix, gonna trade him for atlanta tix. Win win.

  17. And what the fuck can I say but that I understand your feelings having lost out on five flights to New York that I’ll have to pay for again. Load of shit aint it.What can I say but sorry?

    • Hey Steve,

      Myself, Gavin McInnes and a few others are gonna gather at a bar called Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern in Williamsburg on Thursday night in lieu of the NYC show at Santos. Say 8:30pm or so til late.

      If any of you’re stuck with a plane tix to NYC , like MichyHell, and have nothing to do feel free to drop in for a pint or 7. Wear black so we can spot you.

      (subway directions: L- Train to Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. Address: 188 Bedford)

      for ref: Video of Gavin w/ Penny at Dial House: http://vimeo.com/19847548

      [email protected]

  18. Like Agentmule said…some of us have been waiting 30 years so what’s a few more weeks? It’s out of your hands and at some point the red tape of the US gov’t will break. Thanks for your sincerity Steve. Saw you sing with Conflict some years back in the states & looking forward to this show whenever & wherever it happens. Good luck to you!

  19. Ahhh. Disappointing, but that’s the way things go with US immigration after 9-11. Unfortunately for me, if the rescheduled gigs go as planned, I’ll have to miss them. We were getting ready to hit Pomona in a couple weeks (why on earth Pomona? – I’m sure there’s a good reason, but having grown up right there, it sure is the odd man out in the list of cities – haha). Anyway. here’s hoping for a schedule delay of about a week. It’ll be too bad to miss you all. Started listening in 1980, and VERY seriously at first…

  20. I’m supposed to fly out from the snowy wastes of Thunder Bay for the Toronto on Friday – and was hoping to be able to buy you a drink, shake your hand, and tell you how much you and the rest of Crass have influenced my life on Saturday. It’s a disappointment, but these things happen. I’m going to save my ticket and do my best to scrape up the cash for another flight in April – some things are too important to pass up. Pax.


  21. There’s tickets on sale online for the April 20th show at Don Hill’s? This site says Europa. Please tell me this isn’t true. It’s fucking 21+ since its a bar. Please, a lot of us out there couldn’t get tickets to Santo’s cause it sold out so quickly. We need another all ages!

  22. Can’t wait for Crass to come to Texas, see ya May 3rd

  23. really looking forward to your show here in Montreal in April instead!

    (the new reissues are wonderful)

  24. Steve get it sorted and all will be good. I am sorry to say I will be in Mexico on the rescheduled date so i will not be able to make it out. The BOB Fest will have taken it out of me and will need time on the beach to relax with the punks in TULUM….

    Cheers and See you on your next venture.


  25. The Montreal show is already sold out, so you bet I’ll keep my ticket for this exceptional event, no sweat Steve, it’ll work out.

  26. Book a Boston show while you re-schedule… PLEASE!! I hope everything works smoothly for you all, much Love.

  27. Wow, nothing like waiting till the last minute.

  28. Sorry about the cock up. Looking forward to seeing The Last Supper and Goldblade on the tentative date of 23-04-11 at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Hope you can clear matters up with the proper authorities quickly. Peace.

  29. this cancelation has cost me a lot of hard earned money !! I bought a train Ticket which is nonrefundable …4 hours of work down the drain . You owe me a ticket.. corse you fuckin’ do ! I would like to go the rescheduled date but I will be out of the country.
    best any way

  30. I have a ticket for the Pomona show, I’ll have to see if I can make the new date or just get a refund, not a big deal. Of course I want to see this show but if the only meaning to my life was to be at this show then I’d be a sad and miserable prick. A band is not a reason to be.

    Cya soon Crass!


  32. HAve you got the Visas taken care of? I have a flight that I can change to SF..but I want to make sure the dates are for sure before I do…

  33. Does anyone know how/where I can buy tickets for the April 20th show @ Club Europa? I can’t find info for it anywhere online. Thanks!

  34. Can’t wait to see you in Austin on May 3rd. Hope you are ready for a hot Texas evening as I believe you are playing the outdoor area of Emo’s

  35. I have 3 tickets for NYC if someone needs them. Holler at me if you’d like to buy.

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