Announcement about Baltimore

Announcement. We have negotiated with the people remaining at Sonar (not the wanker who ran off with the money) and together we have worked out a solution to put the show on again. All advance tickets will be honored. There will also be tickets available on the door, cash sales only. Sonar does not have a license so no alcohol will be available, just soft drinks.

I'm sorry it's been so confusing - believe me you have no idea what's been going on to pull this together.
Just so everyone understands how difficult it has been: about 250 tickets were sold in advance. All of that money is gone. The people remaining at the venue do not have it, and we do not have it. We are only able to pull this off because someone has put their hand in their pocket and offered to cover our costs to get there, and then Sonar has agreed to let us keep all of the money from tickets bought on the day. Even if we sell it out, we'll end up with a lot less than we should have been paid - but the money isn't what matters. The tickets that you paid for will be honoured and the show will go on. It's going to be a great night.

So please, everyone spread the word that the show is happening, and come down and help us raise the roof.

Saturday 7 May
407 East Saratoga Street
Baltimore MD 21202

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  1. Steve, I can’t tell you in enough words how much it means to me that you are still making the Baltimore show happen! Thanks to you guy and all the other bands on this tour!!

  2. Well I was so thrilled to get tix to the Shepherds Bush gig, but looking at the pictures, the people, the scenery, the atmosphere, I wish I’d just packed my bags and gone along.

    Steve, hope you are enjoying raising these relevant songs again in the ‘land of the free’. Its certainly beautiful and there are clearly beautiful people.

    Interesting times there I imagine on the back of Osama’s demise. I’m really intrigued to hear how your audiences are dealing with that news.

    Enjoy the journey.

  3. Damned decent of you to make it happen.

  4. This is amazing news! Congratulations to everyone who helped make it happen!

  5. this is yet another testament to your (and everyone else you are touring with) character and dedication. it is awe-inspiring. hope you have an amazing night and that the final few days in the US unfold more smoothly for you all.

  6. PLAESE READ STEVE IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was at the show in austin,, TX, @ emo’s, I only got to see half of your set beause some secity graud put me in a head lock then threw me out on the sidewalk, right onto my ass because I “punched him”, this was bullshit I fucking love Crass, I listen to Crass every chance I have, I live me life by what your songs tell me to do. I got to met you that night, I asked you what time you were going on and you told me 11:30, then we shaked hands, then my friend came over to met you, im not sure if you remember, but It was hands down the best thing that has ever happen to me, I actually tear-ed up, My heart was broken that some wack ass garud ruined my only chance to see Crass, so I was wondering if you could please do one last show in San Antonio, I know that show will be packed, I know Crasss will be welcomed, I promise it will be a huge event, just think about it for awhile, PLEASE COME TO TEXAS ONE MORE TIME, SAN ANTONIO NEEDS CRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you for all your comments and support, it really means a lot to me, the band and everyone that works behind the scene.
    I am sorry you only saw half of the show Shadeau. I am afraid we wont have time to revisit Texas again.
    Right hope to see you all at Baltimore, it is going to be a great night.

    • You don’t have to say sorry Steve Ignorant, its was not your fault, I blame the club, Thanks for reading my comment, it makes me feel special. I have a qestion tho, Me and me friends are getting a band together, and I was just wondering if you could give us any advice on getting started?

  8. What kind of bass does Bob play?

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