Rehearsals in Norwich 15th May 2011

We're not even back a week or we are already rehearsing for the Australia & New Zealand Last Supper Tour. Unfortunately Bob, the bass player, can't come so Pete Wilson has now joined us. Bob and Pete have been working on the songs together even before we went to the USA and Pete was with us in Brooklyn.

First a photo shoot with the band, after that we rang Allison to wish her a very Happy Birthday. As you can see from the photo below we all try to outdo each other with our vocals. A great warming up technique. Finally we start, Pete is a formidable bass player and we just play song after song. We finish early, so time for a quick pint.

Thanks everyone, especially Bob and Pete for working so hard. I will put on the photos of the last four gigs in the USA as soon as possible.




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  1. Steve, good luck mate, you’re gonna be great – can’t wait for S Bush in November. Can’t wait, see you there, Jason (aka Dandruff. You may not remember!)

  2. Good to see you guys havin some more fun. :)

    have a great damn time in australia

  3. Again, thanks for crossing the pond and showing us all a fantastic time! Unforgettable.
    Cheers n’ beers,
    Tom & everybody else from Seattle

  4. Steve thank you so much for making an old punk rocker happy I had the pleasure of seeing you in seattle and it was amazing to be a teen again for a moment. I also bought your book and it was a great read I was a bit skeptical at first that it was going to be a fluff ego piece done to make $ but it was well written, insightful, and an all around great from start to finish. I look forward to seeing your spoken word performance when it materializes I’m sure there is some stories and thoughts about the world that weren’t touched on in your book. Thanks again sir screw the critics and yes they still owe us a living (dignity)


  5. if you have seen a tv serial (don’t know if the word is right) called THE GATES, first season, 8th episod, the boy at the end of it is wearing a crass tee shirt. So good to see it sometimes…

    Sorry for horrible english)

  6. Good luck fellas. Ticking off the days now till you all arrive in OZ! Cannot wait for this!! :-)

  7. Go Plug Studio’s!!!

  8. Thankyou evrybody.

  9. No Atlanta pictures!?!?!?!?!

  10. That birthday call was the best thing ever. Hugs. :)

  11. USA looked good Steve – a mate of mine saw you in Chicago and sent me a load of pictures … Really sorry to read about your dog – I’ll come over for a beer when things slow down for you!

  12. Flipping heck I’m quite looking forward to this! Bloody good on ya trekkin all the way down here to do this, glad to hear things are going well.
    James from Wellington, NZ

  13. see ya’s in wellington…s’bout bloody time ya dragged ya arse’s down this part of the planet. how come mr rimbaud aint comin? too old I s’pose… get’s the best of us eventually anyway take care you blokes an we’ll see ya all when ya get here oi bleedin oi haha

  14. good on ya mate… see you in wellington, its gonna be epic

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