And we’re off

After four very hectic weeks we're finally off to Australia. Sitting in front of two screaming kids I had to resist the urge to get of the bloody plane. Over 20 hours flying, I must be mad.

Somehow we made it and when we arrived Min, Cathy and Geoffrey were waiting for us. They made us feel right at home. That afternoon I had a radio interview at 4zzz with Chris Converse on the Brown Couch.

We all met up for a meal at the Prince of Wales hotel and somehow we ended up doing karaoke. It was a right laugh and Min got the pictures to proof it.

Quick stop at Hong Kong to try out the local beer

Outside Brisbane Airport, on the coldest day since 1920, with Cathy and Min

Quick fag before we get started

On the Brown Couch with Chris

Pete, myself and Gizz

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  1. I am really sad that I can’t be there mate.

  2. Great show last night at Brisbane, enjoy your aussie spree.. oh and loved the do it yourself tshirts and sea sheperd stuff!

  3. Hey Steve, when are we gonna be able to see the pictures from the May 8 show in New York?

  4. Brisbane was a truly awesome show. Lot’s of fun. The band played extremly well. I got to meet Steve,Gizz and Spike after it. A night I’ll always remember!!!!

  5. Kurt, I am really sorry. Other stuff keeps coming up, I will try to do it while being on tour. Thanks for being so patient.

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