Perth 13th-15th June 2011, The Bakery

After Sydney it was off to Perth. Apparently it's over 4011 km and a 43 hours non-stop drive by car, so we were told by the cab driver. Needless to say we went by plane, I've never flown so much in my life.

On Tuesday, our day off, Carl had arranged a visit to the Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue. It was really interesting to see how they worked and trained their crew. That night we went to The Moon and Sixpence pub for a pint and a chat. It certainly was a brilliant day.

Wednesday we played at The Bakery, which is a great venue for gigs. We all spend most of the time chatting with people and watching the support bands. We had a fantastic night, thanks to everyone for turning up and a big thank you to Min for organising it all.

Waiting for our flight to Perth.

Pete got himself a new tattoo in Sydney.

A tour of one of the boats of Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue.

Trying not to get blown away while posing with Bon Scott.

We enjoyed watching Min and her band SSA.

Hanging around the merch stall.

Gizz sorting out his pedals before the gig.

Giving it my all.

Gizz Butt, Carol Hodge, Spike T Smith on drums and Pete Wilson.

A great night with great people.

Go for it.

Another great night.



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  1. Thanks to Steve and the band for putting on such a great show.
    I’d also like to add my thanks to Adam from 2fast4love Music who looked after the technical side of things; The Bakery staff; Grem, Blake and Paul for helping with posters, driving etc, and big thanks and a plug for the support bands The New Husseins, SSA and The Blazin’ Entrails.

  2. And of course a great big thanks to Min for making it all possible.

    Cheers Steve and all the band for doing this. You’ve made this old geezer very happy.

  3. Hi Steve,just wanted to say thanks from the Sea Shepherd crew who did the stall at your Perth gig. We did really well and had a great night. Lisa has posted a write up on our part of the SSCS home page at with a pic. It was great to be able to chat with you and swap T shirts.We really hope you decide to come here again!

    • Thanks for being there you lot. Clarky, our Coxwain,loves his shirt and has been following your sites. He’s desperately trying to get a long sleeved shirt or something, anyway hope to see you again and safe journeys to all your crews.

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