Sydney 11th June 2011 at Salmagundi Studios

After a day of traveling we arrived in Sydney and went straight to the venue for load in and sound check. Anthony and his friends worked for days to get everything ready on time. A great banner was hanging from the ceiling and oil drums standing ready  to be used that night to keep us warm.

Before the gig I went to Mu-Meson Archives where Jay Katz and Miss Death showed the film 'There's No Authority But Yourself', afterwards there was time for a chat and some questions. I was sorry to leave but I still had to play that night.

Loads of people came, the support bands gave it their all and there was a great atmosphere. We really enjoyed it. A special thanks to Anthony and all the people involved.

That oil drum looks great.

Look at that banner and it was still hanging at the end of the night. Unlike the one in the UK.

At Mu-Mesan Archives.


I couldn't do it without this great band!

Hello Sydney.

Lovely to meet you all, especially Ollie.

Everyone is having a good time.

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  1. How about another gig in Sydney?

  2. Steve do us all a favor and dump facebook or arsebook as some people say, its one big spy tool.
    you can checkout but you can never leave. be very carefull. thanks

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