A bit of news on Shepherd’s Bush

In planning the final gig of The Last Supper, at Shepherd's Bush in November, me and everyone else involved have been working hard to put together a really special event.  For me, it's going to be very emotional no matter what - it's the last time that I am going to sing those Crass songs.  It's got to be a special night.   Finding support bands has not been easy.  I'm picky about what I like personally, and we have been trying to avoid having bands that you can see pretty much anywhere, any time.  I also wanted the other bands to be proper mates - people that I could really enjoy my very final celebration of Crass alongside.  It's not been as easy as we'd hoped.

I spoke to Mark from the Mob before we went to America and they were excited and agreed to play.  Unfortunately when it came down to finalising things in the last week, we hit problems.   The Mob had decided to plan another gig in London the night before ours - and we felt that would take something away from our night - we didn't want people feeling they were paying for our ticket and could see pretty much the same show, without us, down the road in the pub the night before.  It's normal with big shows to ask the supports not to book any other gigs in the same town for 2 weeks either side, but we tried to be reasonable and ask for 2 nights.   The Mob felt that financially the gig the night before ours was better for them, so they said they couldn't do our gig.

So it's all a bit unfortunate really, and I'm quite gutted that it hasn't worked out the way I'd hoped.  But don't worry, we've already got some really special surprises planned for the night, and we're going to go back to the drawing board and find another really special band to replace the Mob.  We're already very happy to have the wonderful Cravats playing with us.  I'm totally overjoyed that the night is already nearly sold out, so we're definitely going to deliver a special evening for everyone who comes.

Oh - and we did cock up on this.  We had designed a new ad for the gig and were going to order some flyers when we got back from America.  While we were on tour our Mojo advert for the gig was due, and the office sent the wrong art file through, so our flyer with The Mob on it did appear there.  We didn't announce the supports anywhere else but I think The Mob did on their web site, so if  by chance anyone bought a ticket specifically because they wanted to see The Mob, you can get a refund on the ticket price from Southern (www.southern.com/shop).

Sorry about all that.



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  1. is it really common practice to not let the support act do gigs either side of another gig? personaly i would love to have seen the mob playin with yous, and really dont think it would have taken anything from the show having them play the night before somewhere else ..like you said ‘the night is nearly sold out’ so how would it have taken anything away?
    havin said that ….i am really lookin forward to the show ..it will be a belter no matter who yas get ..have fun :)


  2. I also can’t see why The Mob playing the night before would take anything away from the show. I’m coming down from Scotland for the gig, and getting to see The Mob as well, would have been amazing as I probably wont get chance to see them elsewhere.
    I couldnt have cared less if they played every night in every pub in London between now and November 19th, as long as they were on the bill at Shepards Bush, it could only have made the night better.
    As for this exclusivity thing being “normal for big shows” well I always thought of you guys as being different and a bit apart from the usual rock’n'roll business….

  3. Poison Girls and Flux of Pink Indians – no brainer! How about getting PR on drums again for a rousing voice/percussion ‘Owe us a living’? (Course they farking dew!)
    Last time you ‘do these Crass songs’? – does that mean you’ll be rehearsing a new set list after that?! Ah well,worth a try!! It still amazes me how fresh the material sounds, and how humourous some of it is (nearly pissed myself laughing at the prelude to Sheep Farming the other night – thankfully I was in the bath at the time!). When Crass were at their height it was all about the sentiment, the politics and the sound – I’m really pleased we’re getting to know the protagonists behind the most exciting and meaningful music of the 20th century – at last.
    Sadly I’m too old for all this stuff these days but I really hope you have a lovely evening down at the Shepherd’s Bush.

  4. It is certainly a shame that THE MOB pulled out of the Shepherds Bush gig. I also don’t know what the problem was about them playing a different venue the night before. Then again, I’m surprised they are planning a London gig so many months after the Bristol gig. Surely they could have played a London gig sooner and really made it their own. All the same, the Shepherds Bush gig will not lose out in attendance as it’s almost sold out anyway. My mind was made up to buy a ticket after I heard about THE MOB being included on the bill but at the end of the day I was planning on going anyway. I will quite happilly go to both events…The newly reformed Anti Sect would be a great replacement. Or maybe Rudimentary Peni? Oh yeah, and Anthrax and Liberty of course! Anyway, good luck with it all and looking forward to an action packed weekend in London!

  5. Just for the record the Mob’s decision had nothing to do with money and everything to do with a)what The Mob’s fans wanted and b)objecting to being told when and where they can and can’t play.

    The show the night before won’t be ‘pretty much the same show’ as there are five other bands playing and the Mob will be playing an hour long set (they were only offered a 30 minute set at the Last Supper).

    I hope that clears things up.

  6. What the fuck? So what if they are playing the night before. I am really pissed off that you have decided that they can’t play both nights. What the fuck happened to the spirit of punk for fucks sake? Get the Mob back on board. It certainly won’t detract from anything, it will add to it. This has left a really bitter taste and seems very fucking petty on your behalf. Sorry to be so aggressive but this has really pissed me off.

  7. What are Special Duties up to

  8. Right, I understand that a lot of people are pissed off with this situation but don’t let’s blow it up too much. I spoke to Mark the other day and we’re still mates, ther’s no hard feelings between us,the Mob couldn’t agree to our terms so they’re doing their own thing. Fair enough. Yes I’m disappointed too, I’m sure that when you see Mark and the blokes from the Mob it’ll all be a bit clearer. I can’t say more than that at the moment.

  9. Flux Of Pink Indians & The Flats

  10. Subhumans would be the best for me, ok they play a bit but so what, there getting bigger by the year and ALLWAYS put on a hell of a set every gig (allways changing the set) They would go down a bloody storm.
    Tony Raven.

  11. Omega Tribe or Lack of Knowledge for me if everybody else is putting in requests for support bands

  12. Hi Steve

    I too am very disappointed that The Mob couldn`t do your gig. The fact that you invited them and that they were willing to play shows mutual appreciation, also the fact that you are friends with them: I would have expected a better negotiation. I was coming over from Denmark to see BOTH shows and I think that other Mob fans were going to do the same: I think that they would played a terrific set with you and I am sad that you couldn`t come up with a better agreement.I was also looking forward to hearing the old Crass songs again !
    I think its a nice gesture that you are offering people who bought tickets to see the Mob their money back. What would be even better would be if you made your apologies, everyone makes mistakes ;-) and get The Mob back on the bill !

  13. Agree with that – I think we need to be careful on the one hand and not make too big a deal about it but think it’s totally crap on the other hand to reject a band on some career rock nonsense about when a band can or can’t play – who makes these rules? I thought the punk scene was about freedom not restriction – so yeah get em back on the bill is best I’d say – all seems very elitest otherwise – glad you are all still mates about it too which is more important.

  14. Get Wattie Buchan and his mates on!

  15. Forget the terms,politics,money or whatever else.Bloody egos.Ill tell ya.The gig is about the fans is it not? Fuck all the bullshit everyone, and play for us.I understand its Steve’s last time and all that but it is also ours.Get on the blower Steve and just ask them to play.I can understand them being worried about ticket sales though if people are short of cash and can only go to one.It seems also strange that The Mob would book another date so close to one they have already confirmed.But hey thats life.
    Ade/Denise .
    P.S.Just got back from Morecambe punk festival superb little festival 50 bands three nights £30.

  16. Pull out all the stops to get FOPI on board!

  17. It’s a shame the Mob won’t be there – I’d love to see them, Flux, Subhumans, Rubella Ballet or Zounds on the bill – who cares where the support band has played the night before? The more, the merrier.

  18. Hello everybody,
    I read your comments about the band who do not come to play, so what? I really like to hear Crass songs live and when I have a wish for an additional band: Charlie with his subs!!! The Subs are on Tour forever, so they will play this evening too; and maybe Charlie will pull down the stage from Eve when he sings ….does she sucks. Very happy to see everybody in november. regards.

  19. Can I just whisper Conflict

  20. The Exploited

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