Atlanta 6th May, Masquerade

Masquerade is a huge old building that used to be an old mill and as far as I could see has 3 spaces to perform in. The staff  there were really helpful and Greg was a diamond. We had a fantastic meal, everyone loved it especially the homemade cornbread.

After loading in and sound check I had a Q&A at another great independent record store.  Yes, they are still out there and worth a visit. Chad Radford (Creative Loafing) did a brilliant job at curating. He also got me some cigarettes as I forgot my ID so they wouldn't sell me any.

There was a great atmosphere at the gig and I had time to meet and talk to lots of people. Also a big hug to some special people out there.

We are all getting tired but we don't want it to end, because this is not just any tour, it is something really special and emotional. There is such an energy and positivity, it is hard to describe. I am sure anyone who has been to one of The Last Supper gigs will agree.

Part of the old mill

Criminal Records

Carol's own design

Fight War, Not Wars

Fantastic night

Great people

Atlanta's crowd

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  1. Oi! Thanks Steve! Great pix, great shows, great memeries what more could I ask for? Oh wait an awesome down to earth musician spearheading everything signing autographs and chilling with fans? On fcuking heard of! Well done sir. The record you signed for my friend Dan who couldn’t make it he thanks you for. I haven’t taken off my Last Super hoody in weeks. I know this is a one time deal but if you did another tour I don’t think anyone would mind. At the same time the show I saw and I’m sure all the other shows where so personal. I’m still friends with a few people I met. That never happens. This communal atmsphere I have never experienced at any other show. By the time the show was over I felt like it was an experienced the entire crowd shared. The pit was wild but friendly. I fell and got immediately picked up. Noone was an asshole. Everyont new the music. It was cathartic in times of such crazy shit going on every where. I don’t get to hear my political vieews sang to me by music I have cherished my whole life. It might have to be a one time deal because I haven’t been to a show sine. I don’t know how your show can be topped and I’m still diguisting it and talking about it. Chicago 2011 Last Supper Tour attendent is something I’ll tell my grandkids about. Sorry Steve I know I go overboard with my complemeants but they are coming from the heart and it’s real. Cheers.
    Charlie in Chicago

  2. Hi Iggy , It’s Willie from Stoke on Trent , Great to see you out there still.
    I’ve started writing short stories , It would mean a lot if you had a peek.
    I often wonder how you and the others are.
    all the best. willie x

  3. Fantastic night at the Masquerade Steve. It was nice to meet you as well, and just brilliant to hear those songs played live. I missed Crass at the Nite Klub in Edinburgh in 82(?) and Atlanta in 11 more than made up for it. All the best in your future endeavours, and thanks for the memories. BTW, are the Last Supper hoodies going to be on the Southern webshop? Cheers, Ali.

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