Pomona 30th April 2011, Glasshouse

We go back to black.

Our second show in Pomona was in Glasshouse. Totally different but just as good. People went out of their way to help us. So a big thank you to all involved.





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  1. That last picture is great of you and the lot! I think i actually see some familiar faces in there. I bet the weather was nice, or at least hot!

  2. That was the best night of my life Steve. Thank you.

  3. What kind of bass is Bob playing? It’s a nice looking bass; I was trying to get a closer look at the show. Have a good gig at Santos in NY. I saw the Subhumans there last month-pretty cool space to play

  4. Love you, Steve! Post the Austin pics! I think Allison has a great one of me and you and a couple other folks out front of End of an Ear! Sorry to hear about the weird troubles/scandals that happened around Baltimore. But thank you so much for doing this tour at all, my friend! :)

  5. Where is the rest of the photos??!?!?! i can barely see me standing next to my boyfriend holding the poster. BTW you really made his night by signing his record! Thank you!!!

  6. The gallery from the Baltimore show is up now @ http://www.constantdecay.com

  7. “Guess the song” at the Glass House. Hmmmm. They can’t wait to use it, They can’t wait to use it, They can’t wait to try it out, They can’t wait to use it, They’ve got a bomb, they’ve got a bomb, And they can’t wait to use it on me MEEEEEEEEEE!

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