Scottsdale 1st May 2011, Chaser’s Nightclub

After the gigs in Pomona we drove through the night to Scottsdale. Totally missed the desert experience as it was pitch black. Goldblade, who were driving during the day, told us that it was quite impressive.

We arrived at the venue early in the morning, so there was time for Matt, our driver, to show me the rules of Nine - ball - pool. Took a bit of getting used to but we came out even in the end.

The venue was called Chasers and was a dark little bar in the middle of nowhere. But yet again, loads turned up and another night of mayhem ensued.  A big thank you to all the people involved and all the people that came to see us.


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  1. Are you going to post pictures from the New York and Baltimore shows?

  2. Hope someone is filming all this for youtube!

  3. the glasses are very fetching on you. love the laundry line.

  4. Steve, first rule of nine ball: chalk the cue not your arse!

  5. Did Spike find his BOILED egg?

  6. @ Richard: That’s not chalk, it’s talcum powder & I bet Wayne Barrett is lurking just out of shot, & had something to do with it! ;-)

  7. Carol went for a walk!

  8. thanks its been a joy to read and see the tour emerge, and steve if there was any doubt just look at how youve been recieved and how much everone has got from the experince.

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