Show time!

Folks have been asking what time we're on and that so I thought I'd post all the details here.  The shows are all early, apparently venues these days put a second show on later (well, not a show, but a disco) so the live entertainment ends early.  Hope you all can get there early enough to see Goldblade or Paranoid Visions as well.  I'll be wandering about for the first hour or so after the doors open, so come up and say hello!

Friday 24th September Bristol O2 Academy

  • doors 7pm
  • 7:30 Goldblade
  • 8:30 The Last Supper
  • curfew 10pm

Saturday 25th September Birmingham O2 Academy

  • doors 7pm
  • 7:30 Goldblade
  • 8:30 The Last Supper
  • curfew 10pm

Friday 1st October Manchester O2 Academy

  • doors 7pm
  • 7:55 Paranoid Visions
  • 9:00 The Last Supper
  • curfew 10:30pm

Saturday 2nd October Ediburgh Liquid Room

  • doors 7pm
  • 7:30 Goldblade
  • 8:30 The Last Supper
  • curfew 10pm

Working on the set list with the band.

We are full of nervous excitement and really looking forward to it. Finally got round to get the photos on the computer. After our last rehearsals at Southern on the 8th September we sat down to sort out the set, while munching on veggie hotdogs. As you can see from the photos it was a real team effort and I honestly couldn't have done it on my own. Thanks Bob, Gizz, Beki and Spike for all your hard work.  We now have a great set list and are ready to go. (Though we did make some minor adjustments again when we were in Peterborough).

So bring it on.


Lots of chin scratching going on.

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  1. is it not paranoid visions in manchester?

  2. id like to know A) are those cream cakes on the table?
    B) who has been putting ketchup on theirs?

    hehe good luck with the tour and i cant wait fer belfast one ..cheers

  3. Cheers for that nice one

  4. what are the times for the Amsterdam gig?

  5. looking forward to the interview mate , just waiting on lauren to let me know the time

  6. I am SO fucking excited it’s ridiculous. I’m in my 40s but I might as well be 14 again. I am so grateful for you guys for doing this. I thought these beautiful songs and the spirit they inspire had gone for good. Bloody great to be giving them another outing.

    I hope you’ve brought plenty of merchandise ‘cos Gav has been saving his pocket money!

  7. Is there going to be a London show??

  8. Steve if I catch you wandering around at the Manchester gig and I get my Girlfriend to cram an old Crass 45 (or maybe a CD) in her handbag is there any chance you would sign it? Really looking forward to the gig, and to hear the songs live that shaped my life.

  9. hi i used to listen to you when i was thiteen.i had penis envy feeding of the five thousand stations of the crass.i cant remember what happend to them .ive got the crass symbol tattoed on my chest .and ive managed to get some of my old records on cd .im now 43 and i still it.

  10. One great gig at Bristol last night and thanks for signing the book Steve. Came from Bognor and had a great time.
    I saw some guy rip a big baner down with the Crass logo and The Last Supper written on it. If he did nick it and was,nt just helping to tidy up at the end then he has no idea of the spirit of Crass.

    • Glad you enjoyed the night. I’m afraid he did nick it, was hoping he would return it after a enjoying it for a couple of weeks. No luck so far.
      Great meeting you.

  11. Hi Steve,

    just got back from the Birmingham gig. Very disappointing. I am photo journalist mostly doing social and political stuff for my National Union of Journalists photo agency, but do shoot gigs out of my own interest and never was restricted to do so in any way.

    This gig however being of a political nature I was going to cover for my agency. With Crass having been an inspiration of my youth I bought a ticket to support the event.

    Anyway first I was not given permission to photograph from the pit at all even though I showed my NUJ press pass then I got a rough strict allowance for 3 (yours being short) songs whilst the other photographers could stay on. In my usual work I do cover riots and even the most tough riots cops usually accept my press pass, embarrassing that your tour management doesn’t. Check the time I left this comment, I left straight after I was kicked out when my ‘generously granted allowance’ was over.

    Best Wishes


    • so you didnt enjoy the gig because you werent given special treatment ? or because of the gig itself ????

    • Hello Timm, Sorry to hear that you were disappointed. We were restricted on the numbers of photographers that were allowed in front of the barriers due to health and safety regulations. The other photographers had asked permission before hand and we had to pass their names on to the venue.
      A shame that you didn’t wanted to stay for the rest of the gig.

  12. Nothing about special treatment as a journalist it is normal treatment to be given access, especially amongst what I expected as likeminded. This strange uncooperative treatment from the tour manager was enough. Gig itself seemed alright. However the spirit in the sense I experienced seemed worth then that of the police force as an example.

    • Sorry Timm but the tour manager had no choice and she actually sorted it out with the venue that at least you got to make some photos. We have so many requests of so many people with all sort of access cards that we can’t say yes to all.
      I suggest next time you ask beforehand.

  13. Just back from the Birmingham gig.
    Amazing – enjoyed it enormously – especially hearing material that wasn’t played at the Shephards Bush gigs.Enjoyed the PE material with Beki too so thanx! =)
    Apologies to Gizz for pinching his lyrics to RTR – I asked the Roadie for one of the set lists as a momento and thats what he gave me.Sorry didn’t realise it was Gizz as he walked past me at the end (I think he commented I was “nicking his words”) or would have said hello.

    Hope to see you at the last Supper finale in London.

    All the best,


    • I was at the Birmingham gig last night. An outstanding performance from all – the band did justice to all the old favourites. Steve looked very nervous at the start, but performed with all the anger and frustration reflected in the songs. A great moment when he dropped his trousers during Rival Tribal Rebel Revel, making the bully boy persona he adopts for the song look even more ridiculous.
      Hearing tracks from my favourite Crass album Penis Envy was a treat too and Beki adapted the Eve Libertine intonations brilliantly. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled deliciously when she hit the high note trilling towards the end of Systematic Death – a wonderful rendition.
      Thank you , Steve for doing this and not being intimidated by the small minded few who will never understand why you’ve done it. I was a couple of years too young to see Crass play live, but played all their records to death during my turbulent adolescence. The words and sentiments are as relevant to today as they’ve ever been, but as Steve said at the end, it’s also about going out and having a fun evening. I sincerely hope it’s not the LAST Last Supper!
      I also bought Steve’s book and when I got home I was delighted to discover it was a signed copy. It will sit in pride of place next to the copy of Shibboleth which Penny was kind enought to sign for me when I met him briefly at a punk festival a few years back. After I’ve read it of course.
      Great atmosphere last night too, lots of happy faces in the crowd and a good diversity of age groups. Hope the rest of the tour goes well.

      • Thank you Lee for your support and kind words. Much appreciated. I totally agree with you, there was a great atmospere and the band and I really enjoyed it.

    • Thanks Wiggz. No problem about Gizz’s setlist. He made a new one for Manchester.

  14. great gig last night…the angers still there….thanks for a great night steve!

  15. Hi Steve, would like to say hello at the Manchester gig. What time is nest pre gig?

    Can’ t bloody wait!


    • Hi David, I hope you enjoyed the gig. There were so many people and so little time. I did speak to someone called David, I hope it was you. If not maybe next time.

  16. Dave what is the nest pre gig .We are going to Manc as as well.
    Cheers Ade

  17. Me I went to the 2007 Sheps Bush & being a lazy wanker havent gone to any of the Northern gigs. Well annoyed with myself. If I get act together want to head for Amsterdam.
    Anyway this is my roundabout way of asking why (not aggressively) just through not understanding – that theres no live recording, cd or otherwise of these gigs? I rely on the kindheartedness of fellow gig goers & modern technically minded people whom I willingly pay. You Mr Ignorant should as writer get the proceeds. I thought live nation recorded gigs & sold them straight after. Give anything for decent recordings!

  18. Hey Steve,
    It would be nice to get the final London supper gig recorded as a farewell present.
    Is there anywhere thats posting what sets being played each night?
    I would be interested to see if the sets being varied or added to over the course of the tour.

    Has anyone on the tour posted any pictures anywhere?

    All the best and hopeully see you in Londo next year.


  19. Wow you must have got back quick Dave.LOL.I got back at 6.00 am Tremendous night loved every minute of it .Just superb.Went onto The Retro bar afterwards until about 3.00 I think , for the after gig with The Restarts.Its a great shame that there wont be another chance to get to see it all again . Beki was just amazing as well as being rather fit.LOL..Just one question was there any particular reason why the lyric about Jesus dying on the cross and about not particularly caring was omitted from So What it did look deliberate? Or have you found God Steve? Only kidding.Good luck to you all in your future adventures and please play again next year..Ade xx

    • Adrian, actually posted towards midnight, reckon that clock is an hour out.

      I thought Steve didn’t sing the bit about Jesus to encourage the crowd to sing it instead ala Robbie Williams when performing “Angels” live :-)

      Interesting Steve made two references to Winnie Bennett……….

      All in all bloody great night, just wish there were more northern dates.

      PS Has steve’s stage persona changed since the CRASS days or was he as animated/demonic in those days ?

      Awesome !

  20. I too am just back from the Manchester gig and unfortunately didn’t manage to catch you pre gig and get my CD’s signed, never mind because more importantly I have to repeat what others have put here, that the gig was brilliant, and yes you did do total justice to all the songs. The crass sound and performance was spot on, I have seen so many bands that just don’t cut it any more but was not the case at all. Just a bloody big THANK YOU from me and well done Steve, please do it again some time Crass songs need to be heard live.

  21. Mr steve, what can i say. just back in london after a weekend home in edinburgh with the gig the highlight of the weekend. First of can i just say …fantastic, hairs on the back o the neck stuff.
    A lot of the “old boys” ended up meetin together, you had alternative,direct action, the abuse, societys victims represented iin various shapes ! and forms ! lol. lots of chat lots of ber and the consensus was this WAS the right thing to have been done.
    Thank you so much for taking this to edinburgh, the crowd were a bit wanky. but thats edinburgh lol.
    And big thanks to the band, done justice to great songs. A special thanks to Beki, you have put your own identity all over those songs, the girls will be proud off you xx.
    Carry on troopers and cant wait again to share a special nie as this was to me
    With love,respest, and a tiny wee bit of anarchy lol
    wullie p

  22. Steve,
    Is there anyone I can contact with regard to a possible press pass or photo pass for the London gig?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Do you have any idea if you’ll be doing one or two shows like the Shepards bush gigs?

    Just curious so I can start planning for a room! =)

    Anyone out there got setlists for the tour? Still curious what songs have surfaced.

    Hope its going well and you’re having fun,

    All the best,


  23. Thank you all for your great comments. We are all really pleased that all the hard work before hand paid off. We initially had about 34/36 songs. Everyone in the band had their own favourites so we put them all together and worked on them for months. One or two we dropped as they didn’t sound as good live as they did on the recording and from the ones left we choose our final set list.

    We still haven’t decided on the final date(s) for London as at the moment we are really busy finalising the Europe gigs and Allison is also talking to people in America. If anyone would like to do an interview or take photos, the best thing to do is to contact Lauren. Contact details should be somewhere on this website or you can find it on my facebook (click the info tab).

    Thank you again for your support.

  24. Edinburgh gig review now online here – – with some of Dod’s pics to follow. Great night.

  25. Great review and photos Johnny.

  26. Steve, good to see you’ll be coming out east next year, but any chance you might make it to Asia? I’m sure you could get a good turn-out in Thailand or Japan – I live in Hong Kong and would gladly fly to either city to see the last supper.

    • Hi Neil, we are still working on taking The Last Supper to the US. As far as I know we haven’t received any serious offers for those countries, but I will keep you posted.

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